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These chic Italian notebooks are faintly retro, reminiscent of the composition books provided during essay exams. But these are ever so much better - first of all, there's no test pressure, plus they come in delightful colors, have a wonderful feel and are made from recycled paper. They're thin enough to be used in a plethora of ways, whether it's organizing thoughts by cover color, passing them out for a group brainstorm, or just knowing that you've got a solid supply of journals to mete your writings. The "l'impronta umana" referenced on the cover literally translates to "the human print" - these are waiting for your mark. The set of ten notebooks in a rainbow of colors comes tied in raffia.  read more Size:   48 plain (blank) pages (24 leaves), off-white (non-speckled) recycled paper Material:   100% Recycled Paper Details:   Set of Ten 6" x 8" notebooks, one of each color
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    Your source for hand made paper stationery. The making of paper starts with the collection and processing of the dung pulp. Elephant dung is typically full of short to medium grained fibrous materials from the elephants diet which when processed makes excellent paper: • We collect naturally dried elephant dung from elephant conservation parks and bring it back to our paper-making factory. • We then pre-rinse the elephant dung with water, leaving only the fibrous materials from the grasses, bamboo & fruits they've eaten. • Afterwards, we place the fibers into a giant pot of boiling water to ensure the fibers are super clean. After this thorough cleaning, any color that we may want to add can be added. • Natural fibers from banana trees & pineapples are added to the dung mixture so the paper will be thicker & stronger.

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    'for what ails' art journal of a kind cut up collage piece on this blank (rescued) white journal...these are like the carry it with you art pieces rather than the stare at the wall art can take it with you everywhere you go, and muse on the piece, and write your own musings, dreams & doodles on the inside!