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    I can't see myself being able to pay this kind of price for a piece of furniture anytime soon, but this one is gorgeous!

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    Seems to hover in mid-air with special acrylic brackets that offset them slightly from the wall. Graphics such as flying birds, swirling dots and arrows are all applied to give a sense of movement, while simultaneously adding further contrast to the light emanating within. Although carried internationally, Solas Lighting is available in the US at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.

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    basic frame, while hand-woven synthetic fiber is responsible for the actual weave. Even the cushions are reinterpreted: they’re made out of thermo-melted textile for easy maintenance.

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    LIKE A NAUTILUS SHELL the Lyaeus Chair surrounds the user in a cocoon-like embrace; this amounts to more of a self-enclosed room than a seat. Bentwood slats are spaced to allow limited sunlight to filter through the carapace while maintaining privacy. The earth-toned design is reflective of Lyaeus’ intended usage: as an outdoor chair ideally situated by swank poolsides or on posh rooftop lounges.

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    these units use an innovative visual indicator that illuminates according to the amount of power wasted by a device while in standby mode. The user can then choose to completely shut off the device, or wait three minutes at which point it is disabled automatically. It’s definitely a designer’s power trip owning these adapters, as they also act to organize your wires, thereby reducing unsightly cable clutter.

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    FANS OF SUPERMAN’S ICE FORTRESS (you know you’re out there) will love Haziza’s line of dining, coffee and console tables. The rest of us can at least appreciate the way light interacts with the multifaceted acrylic shards, each of which seems to grow organically from the base. Available in over a dozen colors, we definitely prefer our tables without any tint; the other colors come across a bit too flashy–flashy for folks sans superpowers, that is.

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    Light therapy is included in the package, as well as an integrated sound system that plugs into your iPod; we’re not even sure what the muscle relaxing system is, but if it vibrates we’ll be first in line for a test snooze