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This is a true 3D Flip Book built with Papervision 3D and the as3dmod library. It implements realistic page bending and rotation. It is fully featured and the package includes our wonderful Content Management System. You can add any kind of content for the pages: images (png, jpg) or interactive/animated swf files. Each page can optionally have a larger version which will be displayed in zoom mode.
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    We'll start off by clearly stating that this is one of the most flexible, feature rich, complex and (funny enough) easy to use and implement flash template you can buy today ! This template has 677 unique XML settings, comes with 14 (that's right, fourteen) amazing modules including full e-commerce capability (shop) and blog with comments, it's bundled with two quite differently styled skins and most importantly you receive our amazing full Content Management System (CMS - aka Admin Panel) so managing your content will be a breeze !