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  • 103 months ago ModCloth »

    This childhood favorite is now in keychain form! The broken heart, charlie horse, and other pieces are attached to the board by retractable string, so you can't lose them; and the game buzzes when you touch the edges, just like the original. Great fun for practicing your skills in long car rides or whenever you've got some time to kill. Batteries are included.

  • 112 months ago Mookie Gifts »

    Shrek needs surgery and you're the doctor! It's Classic Operation with Shrek as the Patient! Shrek has to have his ear wax removed. And he really needs to do something about his onion breath. And with all the pixie bites, and slugs and grubs, he's just a mess! Can you help him? Be the surgeon in this classic game of removable parts. But be gentle! Touch the sides with your tweezers and Shrek lets you know with a buzz and a glowing red nose! Earn money for each successful surgery. Earn the most money and win the game! 2 AA batteries required (not included)

  • 124 months ago Hasbro »

    Who doesn't love a little Operation?