Leila Singleton's digital photography transforms run-of-the-mill sights and objects into abstract visions. Emphasizing color, shapes and textures, her work is a perfect accent for any room and style of décor. "Nebula" bears stunning resemblance to a painting, complete with expressionistic "brushstrokes" over incendiary crimson, orange and butterscotch. A companion piece to "Surfacing," it can be displayed as part of a pair or solo. "Nebula" is ready to hang and elegantly presented in a black metal frame with a signed, archival white mat under UV glass. Archival digital print on resin-coated, silver halide photographic paper. 11 x 14" (16" x 20" framed)
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    Designed and created by Mary Carolyn and Ted Walker of Pennsylvania, each pair of "Nebula" Earrings and Necklace are individually forged in solid sterling silver by hand. An elegant scrolling design featuring sterling silver fish hook earrwires.

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    I live in suburban Austin, Texas with my wife and three daughters. Many of my photographs were taken from my back yard observatory here. But light polluted skies such as these present severe limitations on the quality of images that can be achieved. So I constructed a new observatory in an exceptionally dark location in New Mexico to address this. I operate everything in the observatory remotely from Austin over the internet.