Nature Inspired White

During a warm-weathered walk, you come across the tiny beginning of a baby birch tree protruding upward from the leaf-littered forest floor. Its freshly sprouted branches pencil shyly toward the sky, mimicking the clustered print of your milk white, BB Dakota dress, which you've paired with camel sandals, a leather backpack, and a knit shawl. Featuring dainty spaghetti straps and an invisible side zipper, this fully lined dress is made to be worn when nature fills the air with cheerful noises and fresh scents. You continue your sunlit adventure through the woods with a stylish spring in your step! 
  • 76 months ago Suicidalshop »

    Mug en porcelaine créé Mini Labo. Une forêt douce et réconfortante aux couleurs pastel et au style simpliste et enfantin typique de MiniLabo. Bird on the wire

  • 85 months ago ModCloth »

    I love all things avian, so of course I'm anxious to add this fitted tee to my fashion arsenal - with a flattering V-neckline, 100% cotton construction, and quill feather graphic, it says everything I want my tee to say about me. I'm laid back, low key, and I love birds. Birdwatching is a beloved, if recent hobby of mine. I don't venture out into the woods wearing a safari hat or anything, but if yard space provides, I will construct a small city of bird feeders and fill them with a variety of seed in order to attract a rich diversity of species. Some 'chicks' get a rush out of being able to identify a pair of designer stilettos, but I really pride myself on being able to tell a Tufted Titmouse from a White-breasted Nuthatch. On the weekends, I can easily see slipping on this tee and pairing it with all my fashion staples - the perfect cardigan, a fashion scarf, cute flats, and skinny jeans. Then I'll throw a treasured field guide in my bag and head out to find the little pockets of natural wonder that pepper the urban landscape. -Emily, Fashion Writer

  • 88 months ago ModCloth »

    Support sustainable agriculture in urban areas by wearing this elegant dress by BB Dakota! In Earth Day-inspired shades of grass green and soft white, this pure silk frock will look great at a trendy, locally-sourced organic restaurant. The empire waist and subtle pleats give it a breezy look, while the wide straps and side zip ensure a comfy fit. Pair it with wedge sandals, and hug the nearest tree!

  • 91 months ago ModCloth »

    When the cold months are upon you, reach for these 'berry' sweet tights to keep your legs as cozy as they are cute! These silky smooth tights, named for a red berry-bearing, winter-hearty plant, have a chocolate brown tint and feature a pattern of white and crimson berry sprigs. These Look From London tights will put a little punch in any ensemble, from a casual sweater dress and boots, to a chic cocktail frock and sultry stilettos. No matter what you pair them with, these delightful tights will lend a touch of color to your winter-wonderful wardrobe.

  • 91 months ago ModCloth »

    This fresh, white, Gentle Fawn top has spruced up the basic tee with compliment worthy details and a beautiful screen print. A thick cloud white border trims the neck and hemline, while a small slit at either hip gives this cotton blend tee a flattering fit. Thin cordovan branches elegantly stretch from the bottom of the tee to the unique geometric cut-out neckline. Wear with dark wash skinny jeans, a few wooden bracelets, and a plumage adorned hair clip for a stylish look inspired by nature.

  • 93 months ago ModCloth »

    One of our favorite things about fashion is the ability to reinvent yourself over and over. You can love an outfit, then leave it behind to try something new! This printed top is so versatile, you'll be able to create new outfits whenever the spirit moves you. Don't worry - its cotton composition and keyhole bodice will keep you cool and comfortable while you choose what to wear it with next. By Flo.

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    You'll be singing all day long in these avian earrings. Perfect for autumn, these accessories are big enough to make a statement, but light as a feather (literally)! Wear them with your hair up to really show off.

  • 103 months ago Ballard Designs »

    Each leaf is hand applied. White porcelain. Set of 3. "I don't know why I find porcelain succulents so charming when it's so easy to care for the real thing, but I do! Cute!"