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A hunting chalet for our four-legged friends! 100% made in Quebec, this small chalet for cats is entirely made of cardboard and sold flat. It distinguishes itself through its innovative design and its humoristic theme inspired by the Canadian style chalets and their associated symbolism. Since the love of cardboard boxes by cats is legendary, they quickly adapt to the product and make themselves a confortable home. Beside cats, this chalet is perfect for all kinds of little fluffy critters including domestic rabbits, ferrets, and small dog breeds.
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    An ode to the egg shape to give new life to water The new OVOPUR filter was designed by Manuel Desrochers. He has been interested in water for about 10 years, and when he found that there was no existing quality product on the market, he set out to address this major shortcoming. This led him to develop an eco-friendly filter that would preserve and revitalize tap water, as well as being functionally and aesthetically attractive. OVOPUR blends ancient traditions and future trends.