Modernartisans Journal Diary

Bench-crafted one at a time, the leather journal cover is created from custom tanned quality cowhide. Inspired by the Orient, each is deeply embossed with the fantastic scene of a twisted tree surrounded by a perfect sky-high "garden" of rocky mountain tops, flowing water and a flurry of clouds. The journal is accented with a solid pewter Ying & Yang button, which an attached rawhide cord loops around to securely fasten the journal. Within the red leather cover is a replaceable 5.5" x 8.5" 220-page hard-cover blank book of heavy bond acid-free pages, perfect for recording sketches, notes, diaries, dreams, travels, poetry, musings or your personal works of literature. Once the pages are full, the journal may be refilled with a new blank book (additional blank books available separately, below), allowing a lifetime of use.