ModCloth Stripes White Dress

When I first laid eyes on this dress by Eva Franco, I was flooded with feelings of nostalgia for the July Fourth celebrations of my childhood when I, along with the other neighborhood kids, festooned my bike with red, white, and blue crepe paper, and paraded to the neighborhood pool for a day of relay races, free ice pops, and wrestling with a greased watermelon in the water. While I no longer spend hours each summer planning how I am going to decorate my bike, this dress, replete with vintage charm, invites me to daydream up a million different ways to style it. Its sleeveless, navy upper features a gracefully draping, asymmetrical collar and elegant folds at the shoulders. A thin belt at the waist offers a chic silhouette, and its fully lined, A-line skirt is a richly textured tweed with berry red, white, and navy stripes. I can't wait to wear it with kitten heels, a kisslock clutch, and perhaps a pair of gloves for a summer filled with picnics, festivals, gallery hops, and outdoor concerts! -Jennifer, Fashion Writer