ModCloth Mouse

There are innumerable young and fashionable souls roaming the backstreets of Toyko's Harajuku neighborhood. After all, this is where many future trends are born. Start new vogue of your own by impressing all onlookers with this unique, princess-cut coat. This woven, zippered coat will make you a style icon as you weave in and out of boutiques, thanks to its careful and cute detailing - a fabric of white hearts woven into a black background, fuzzy, plush heart pockets sewn atop the on-seam hip pockets, and a pom-pom-bottomed hood with detachable round mouse 'ears.' Wear this sartorially chic statement piece with tapered tan trousers, lace-up boots, and a menswear-like button down, or a whimsical dress atop shiny black leggings and bright booties. Then, prepare to pose for a bevvy of street style shots from all the admiring passersby! This coat scores a 3 out of 5 on our Coat Warmth Scale.
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    Named by Amanda in our "28 Wishes: Name It and Win It Contest!," this adorable little mouse will certainly give you the courage to make it through the workday or finish that final essay! The teacup features an inner magnet to keep your paperclips from roaming far from home, and a soft foam bottom prevents desk scratches. If you're feeling a little lonely and in need of a friend, let this little Mousekewitz be your favorite desk buddy! Read the ModLife Blog to check out the newest contest items and enter for your chance to win!

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    This cute bracelet features a mischievous (and hungry) cat stalking a poor (and unsuspecting) mouse. A minimal orange print on white linked blocks means it's totally wearable. By indie designer Irina Blok! Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!

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    There’s nothing cuter than a kitten curled into a ball, and now you can enjoy that cuteness all the time! This little mousepad, with a printed face and white stitching, might just be the perfect gift. Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!

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    Full of crucial kitchen tools that most people neglect to buy, the second half of this super cute Japanese set includes a mouse peeler and a shark knife sharpener. Sturdy and completely functional! Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!