ModCloth Medallion Pendant

We've got a sneaky feeling that you'll love this necklace. Carefully arranged, this rockin' criss-crossed arrow pendant dangles from the end of a dainty linked-oval chain, showcasing its detailed fletchings and sleek, silver shape. Pair with your favorite maxi dress or on-trend romper for a look that will start a new wave in fashion.
  • 83 months ago ModCloth »

    Did you know that, in the Middle Ages, there existed a female poet who, despite the male dominated society, not only became a successful poet, but also bravely cried out against the the era's misogynistic tendencies? If this is news to you, don't worry. Most people have never heard of Christine de Pizan. We think that ought to change. That's why we've named this splendid golden necklace in her honor! Like Christine, this medallion is bold, yet feminine - ornate arches and a delicate chain encircle the ladylike pink rose of the porcelain white middle, and a long, fine chain, gives the necklace a languid swing. Show your inner elegant feminist by wearing this accessory with a square neck top tucked into a floral skirt and paired to colorful tweed flats.


  • 92 months ago ModCloth »

    As you head out to shop for the party you're planning, fold up your shopping list and tuck it into the interior of this ingenious, purse-shaped medallion necklace. Inside the wolf grey filigrees that compose the elegant form of this hinged-opening pendant, your list will hang charmingly from the end of the long pearl and silver decorated chain. When you arrive home, keep this necklace on and change into a graceful dress and heels. Dressed like this, you'll be the hippest hostess in history.