ModCloth Locket

It won’t take long for your closest companions to compete for a spot inside this small, spherical locket from Austin-based designer Ornamental Things! Suspended from a slim, polished chain that ends in a long narrow element with curved, overlapping details, this brass pendant features two circular spots for miniature photos of your paramour, pals, or pup! Add a polished, personal touch to an everyday ensemble with a bright, button-down shirt, scalloped shorts, denim blazer, and this glittering, metallic globe!
  • 87 months ago ModCloth »

    This Victorian-inspired locket reminds us of our favorite pocket-sized childhood toy! Available in either silver or gold, this ornate, kisslock purse pendant swings suspended from a 27-inch chain. Inside, there is enough space for you to keep a small pile of pocket change, a folded up note, a lock of hair, or a few minuscule, plastic figurines! Pair this piece with a frilled frock, lace-up black booties, and a sweet headband for a look that will fashionably pay homage to the style sensibilities of yesteryear.

  • 90 months ago ModCloth »

    Laying at your heart, this locket will keep you comforted every time you wear it! Classically designed, this necklace will give any outfit an old-fashioned touch with its glass-like floral center set on a midnight background, a gently engraved golden border, and an adjustable chain. For an utterly romantic ensemble reminiscent of old-time love letters, pair with a pencil skirt, delicate blouse, lacy tights and ankle booties.

  • 92 months ago ModCloth »

    Named for the famous daughter of the poet Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace is considered the world's first computer programmer. Whether you're a writer or a tech-lover, you can wear this locket with pride! Featuring a delicate perforated lace pattern, this shiny, heart-shaped gold locket will allow a sneak peek at the photo inside. Wear with other pendants for a very poetic - or analytical - look!

  • 93 months ago ModCloth »

    Even when you're in a rush, you can keep your honey close at heart with this golden locket. Open up the two picture pendant for a sneak peak of your sweetie whenever you're feeling lonely. The delicate engraved pattern adds a vintage touch, adding classic charm to any floral dress or fancy blouse. Wear with an up-do and reading glasses for a page-turning look!

  • 97 months ago ModCloth »

    Unlock the secret to great retro fashion with this petite purse. Featuring an extra-long strap, antiqued gold hardware, and a lock-inspired shape, this adorable accessory compliments any modern or vintage ensemble. Faux-leather makes this demure bag vegan-friendly, and an inner cellphone pocket makes organization easy on the go. Pair it with red boots and driving gloves for the perfect style combination.

  • 100 months ago ModCloth »

    The perfect piece of jewelry to capture your imaginative side, this whimsical locket is great for storing dreamy pictures or thoughtful notes. In engraved silver or gold, this delicate necklace adds a bit of charm to any ensemble. Pair it with a cozy sweater dress and warm knit tights for a look that’s always in style - wherever your thoughts may wander.

  • 100 months ago ModCloth »

    This dainty feminine double-chain necklace is made of beautiful etched golden accents to add a touch of glam to any outfit. With a locket and pearl residing on either side, it's a girly touch for your most vintage or modern outfits.

  • 109 months ago ModCloth »

    We think this trio of antiqued lockets is three times prettier than the average necklace! With three functional lockets, each uniquely shaped & carved, you can carry photos of all your great loves instead of just one. Use coupon code "stylehive " for 10% off!

  • 117 months ago ModCloth »

    We love antique-y additions to otherwise modern outfits, so we're obsessed with this vintage necklace! The aged silver metal is gorgeous, as are the textured flower engravings on the cover and inside of the locket. Put in a picture of your beloved (pet, best friend, pair of shoes, boy...) and take it with you everywhere. Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!

  • 127 months ago ModCloth »

    This dainty locket is absolutely perfect! Make sure to put a picture in it, mine contains a tiny photo of Winston, my pug.