ModCloth Little Red Riding Hood

Picture this - a brilliant bangle bustling with illustrations from your most beloved book. Live out your fashionable fairy tale with this darling bracelet! This glistening gold band is wrapped in canvas that’s covered in colorful scenes from “The Little Red Riding Hood”. You’ll be drawn to the charming characters, flowers, and birds that spread over this adorable accessory! Worn with a ruby dress, gold sandals, and sparkling jewelry, this piece is worth at least a thousand words!
  • 70 months ago ModCloth »

    Set the scene for an afternoon of sharing stories with this charming, ceramic tea set on your table! Designed by Shinzi Katoh, each element of this three-piece, stacking series is printed with characters and details inspired by simple folk style. Little Red Riding Hood tops the lid, while she and wolf weave through the grass that circles the teapot’s bright white, glazed surface. Enchant your cohorts with the twin cups, which feature red and green hues on their handles and matching floral trim. Just insert the included steeping screen with your favorite loose leaf tea, and you’ll be on the path to a happy ending.

  • 76 months ago ModCloth »

    Now safe in Grandma’s house, warm up with a cup of tea from this fairytale serving set! Little Red, in her signature cloak, gleefully greets you as you steep another steaming sip of your favorite blend in the cream ceramic teapot. With basket in hand, she passes down a path of chocolate brown with candy apple flowers at her feet. Pour your freshly brewed beverage into the similarly sweet cups, complete with architectural ‘gingerbread’ details in the same shades. Like any good plot, alluring details complete this storybook set - with a wily wolf serving as the ‘lift’ on the lid and ruby ridges on each saucer, just like a cupcake popped from a pan. Stack each cup on top of the pot for an adorable and convenient tea time cottage. Who said good intentions had to look bad?

  • 78 months ago ModCloth »

    Use this darling cup and saucer set as a daily reminder of the fables and fairy tales you loved so much as a child. Featuring a sweet - albeit slightly sinister - scene of Little Red Riding Hood picking flowers as the wolf watches and gathers a bouquet of his own, this small mug is the perfect size for a spot of tea or a double shot of espresso. Featuring a blooming array of red blossoms, the accompanying saucer is just as pretty as its mate, and makes for a storybook-perfect way to sip your daily dose of caffeine.

  • 80 months ago ModCloth »

    If you're hoping to adorn your home with storybook style, this idyllic juice grass is just what you're looking for! Across the top of this sturdy, sweet glass, a brown, green, and red illustration of everyone's favorite fable adds quaint charm to your house or apartment's decor. So go ahead, invite your grandmother over for lunch, and enjoy the cuteness of this sweet drinking glass together!

  • 85 months ago ModCloth »

    This little-red-riding-hood-inspired tea set is short and stout enough that you can serve yourself, and at the same time, make everyone else jealous of your adorable wares! Stackable to save space, this ceramic set includes a tea cup, a pot with an included, removable diffuser, and a mini wicker basket that can hang on the spout, or be used as a temporary tea bag holder. To enjoy, steep loose leaf tea in hot water, and then, tip it over and pour it out!

  • 89 months ago ModCloth »

    My, what big compliments you'll receive from this mug! Its glazed white ceramic is painted with a darling forest scene depicting Little Red Riding Hood feeding apples to the big, bad wolf, whose curled, grey tail forms the cup's easily graspable handle (the better to treat you to a delicious hot beverage with). Fill it with piping hot cocoa, tea, or coffee and enjoy a spot with your grandmother.

  • 95 months ago ModCloth »

    My, what a cute teacup you have! This mug and strainer duo is perfect for those days when you can't make it to grandma's for tea. Nestled under the umbrella-like lid, Red and the Wolf fight the chill of the rain by keeping your drink hot. So, invite your favorite woodsman over for a cozy cup of tea in cute style.