ModCloth Elastic Spring

Wear this skirt for a recreational boat trip on the open sea, and you may just find a little slice of paradise. Constructed of a cotton-stretch material featuring royal blue and foam white yacht striping, this slim, form-fitting mini with an elasticated waist both conforms to your contours and allows you to sit back and let the wind carry you across the water in comfort. All you need is a dream, a white crew neck tee, wayfarer sunglasses, and canvas shoes for a tranquil look that's sure to catch the attention of the skipper.
  • 65 months ago ModCloth »

    You just awoke from a long and restful sleep, and you can already tell the day is going to be just as good! The first thing you think is, "What should I wear today?" Before you even get up to split your blinds to check the weather, you notice sunbeams streaming through. "It's a beautiful day!" you think, and therefore you must wear a beautiful skirt. This 100% cotton, striped skirt is fully lined and has a stylishly thick elasticized waistband, while its black and white stripes imitate the sun flooding into your room! Just pair it with a white tank and a black cardigan, and bring color into your outfit with a bright belt or a summery scarf. With an outfit like this, you're bound to keep that smile shining all day long!

  • 80 months ago ModCloth »

    Be whisked away to an extravagant Saint Petersburg theater where top ballet dancers perform to your heart’s content when you slip on this silky dress. As a dapper usher leads you with a white gloved hand through the seating aisle, the flouncy, feminine skirt of your rich blue dress glides like a swan on a lake. Mesmerized by the building’s Art Nouveau decor, you don’t notice the other patrons admiring the sheer, chiffon overlay of gentle navy over a satiny, deep sapphire liner. The same shiny fabric trims the low V-neck, elasticated waist, bow in back, and triangle details on front. With your beaded clutch and silver jewelry catching the glow of the dimming house lights, your heart flutters as the curtain lifts. At last the poised dancers begin Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ with the start of the orchestra, and you excitedly smooth your skirt, adjust the sleeveless top, and smile inside.