ModCloth Alarm Clock

Have you ever wanted a pet, but didn't think you would be able to take care of one? Well, you're in luck, because this solar powered owl will be your new best friend! With a small, one-time adoption fee, this little guy will be yours forever. No need to purchase batteries or take him for a walk - the only thing you need to feed him is sunlight! When sunbeams hit its solar panels, the owl's head will swivel from left to right during the daylight hours. Then, he sleeps peacefully at night!
  • 89 months ago ModCloth »

    Get out of bed quickly, or there will be trouble! Set this little white, wheeled gadget to wake you up at your ideal hour, and he'll bleep and bloop for you to rise and shine when that time comes. If you snooze, you lose, because this rambunctious robot will run off your nightstand and bump around your bedroom until you finally get up and at 'em to turn him off. Hire this tiny turbo tank of an alarm clock to protect you from tardiness.

  • 112 months ago ModCloth »

    Take a trip to the olden days with this retro wind-up alarm clock. In burnished silver metal with an extra loud alarm, and an adjustable alarm length! Best of all, the little bird moves as the clock ticks! Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!