This modular sofa programme has some very special qualities. The first thing that stands out is its organic and light-hearted appearance. In order not to limit your creativity this couch can be "Q-ued" in all lengths, shapes and colours in any way you want. Today you need a set of 1-seaters, tomorrow a long couch to fit all your friends in a row? No problem, you can arrange and re-arrange the Q-Couch as you just need it. Design it now! BE INSPIRED ! See the Q-COUCH in Action ! You can use ARPRO® outdoors but it is not recommended for continuous exposure to UV light, due to the nature of the polymer it is made from. After continuous exposure of months to direct sunlight outside there may be a change in the apparent colour of the furniture. Q-Couch is 100% waterproof, made with ARPRO® & is so light and easy to move we suggest that it is removed from direct sunlight (outdoors) when not in use.