Metalwork Forged In

The chaos of color and form here is reminiscent of children's books about the beginning of the world. Do you remember the movie Fantasia? And for one piece ( I can't remember which) they did a sort of abstraction of the beginning of the world, with volcanoes, and then earthquakes as the continents divided up and hit each other? That's what I'm talking about. about 3/4 of an inch wide.
  • 108 months ago »

    This is a piece of paper, picked up by a strong wind, flying away, and it is never ever coming down. This piece is made of 14 gauge brass, to give it the strength to hold its shape unsupported. the majority of the piece has been heated to bring the copper to the surface, and give it a purple hue, and the edges have been polished to let the brass shine through. Truly, this is a gorgeous piece of art for your neck. Its about 1 inch long.