Merrimac Wool

This black felt hat was Merrimac's design for the popular '40's Mad Cap theme. It is almost impossible to describe because each angle provides a different perspective. Asymmetrical, to say the least. Let's see how to do this--over the right ear, the hat appears as a rounded flap. Then it folds over itself for a 3" arc in the back. A small rounded brim is outlined in grosgrain ribbon. But, it flattens on the left side and swoop out as it turns right. Accurate--you be the judge--the pics give the better picture. This is stamped on the inside: "Made in USA Merrimac Hat Corp. 94% wool, 6" casein fiber." The hat is 23" in circumference. The black is more of a dusty black. The only flaw I find is that the metal wire the forms the right swoop is exposed.