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Smoy PhotoCuffs! Stylish bracelets in which you can display your favorite photos. Just take a few of your favorite photos, insert them into the "pocket" of the bracelet, and now you have a unique accessory to match your personality. It's the perfect gift for friends and family!
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    Wanna show off that special someone? These 1-frame vinyl bracelets are laser-cut and hand assembled by the artist. They close with a single snap, and snaps meet at 7". The Soho1 PhotoCuff is available in six colors to fit every fashion and mood. Designed and handmade in New York, NY. Change your photos anytime, anywhere! It is the perfect design allowing you to update and change pictures quickly and easily but still have the pictures held securely. Photos are held securely in between layers of the PhotoCuff along with a clear plastic cover to protect them from everyday use.