Fendi 8BR001 Zucchino Mamma Handbag
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    The concept for the rocking chair is a touching tribute by industrial designer Patrick Messier to Sophie Fournier, his partner in life and business, for the birth of their first child. When Sophie announced that she was pregnant, she said, “We'll have to buy a rocking chair.” After looking in vain for a rocking chair that met all their criteria for good looks and comfort, Patrick decided to create one for Sophie. Like a ribbon suspended in space, the MAMMA rocking chair is made from a single piece of fibreglass, with a special high-gloss urethane finish. MAMMA's curves, designed on a grid based on the Fibonacci sequence, are incredibly comfortable.

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    New! Where the mice are round, the food is plentiful. A fun, entirely unique way to celebrate your bountiful harvest and holiday seasons, La Famiglia di Topo (mouse family) is hand-painted earthenware with a fine glaze finish. Papa, Mamma and Bambino make up each set of three. Imported.

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    The Mamaponcho is made from 100% ecologically friendly and non itching Virgin Wool. It is suitable to be worn over all baby slings and most brands of baby carrier. You can carry your baby comfortably both on your front or back whilst wearing the poncho. You can wear the Mamaponcho already during pregnancy as the opening for baby’s head is sewn together. As soon as your baby is born you can easily unpick it yourself.