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Nilla Samies Soapsicles Much to our mother’s consternation, we discovered early on that if you smile with a big bite of an ice cream sandwich in your mouth it looks like your teeth are either rotting out of your head or are covered in mud! Disgusting and delicious. A word to the adults: Debbie Chialtas is the mastermind behind Soapylove's clever line of 'soapsicles', mild handmade glycerin soaps with delicious scents and a foamy lather. Nilla Sammies Soapsicles are designed to look ice cream sandwiches, vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies with a comical bite out of one corner. These Soapsicles are not only beautiful, they're deliciously scented like vanilla and chocolate. We love the idea of tying a simple tag with the name of each birthday party reveler, and using them as place cards at the table. Use your imagination and feel the love! Read the MDG blog profile of Debbie Chialtas and learn more about the artist who created this item. $6.00
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    Cupcake Handbag, Strawberry Frosting Attempting to hide 'undesirable' food at the dinner table was a fine art form when we were kids. You could always hide a few beans under the mashed potatoes or wrap a couple carrots in your napkin for disposal, but the cook usually busted us. Now had we been able to disguise our veggies in a lovely little cupcake handbag we might have made it out of the kitchen door. (Please note that the management does not recommend this item for food storage!) A word to the adults: From the delicious imagination of Amy Gaines at Purl, we’re serving up sugary sweet cupcake handbags. Created from Amy’s original design, each bag is individually hand crocheted with a chocolate base and strawberry frosting. Untie the drawstring handles and there’s plenty of room for your little one to store all manner of good stuff. Each drawstring is capped with a lovely bead and as such we recommend this item for ages 3 and up. Wash on gentle and low tumble dry.

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    We are well into picnic season and to celebrate Lilly Bean has created an edition of 24 Summer Picnic Sets! Outsmart the ants by setting up this bug-proof, classic picnic spread at the park, the beach or your own backyard. A word to the adults: Lilly Bean's special felt cuisine is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and maybe even make you giggle. With beautiful workmanship and a healthy dose of humor, these play food sets will become favorites in your little chef's kitchen. And one of the best things about these sturdy wool felt treats is that they're washable! - and arrive with easy cleaning instructions. Our Summer Picnic Set comes smartly packed in a ready-made wood basket accompanied by a handmade vintage inspired tablecloth.