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Loop is a fruit holder in stainless steel in forms of crown with an opening to put or keep the fruit. Finishing is brilliant to the exterior and sandblasted to the interior. His perfect design make it a statuesque and very graphic object!
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    Festa a new collection of Guzzini drew by Sebastien Conran, inspired and full of joy, she allows to make all the meals in as a party day. Festa decorates your tables and is ideal for all those that like the color, to surround by itself numerous friends and transform the moment of the lunch or soup in a division moment. Festa proposes a complete service to the pure and modern lines: flat plate, dessert plate, cuts and bowl (opposite). The collection is presented in two tone, white to the interior to put in value the color of your foods and a wide choice of external colors: red, blue, yellow, orange and green. She is realized in melammine: a particularly resistant equipment to the shocks and to the rayures to such not at all that it does not fear the aggressions of the cover in inox.