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LE NEZ DU VIN wine gifts - 54 aromas - MASTER KIT This fantastic wine appreciation, education and training MASTER KIT from LE NEZ DU VIN (The Nose of Wine) is the reference work by Jean Lenoir. It includes 54 aromas found in red wine, white wine and champagne. LE NEZ DU VIN 54 aroma kit helps with training your olfactory memory to detect and recognize different aromas in the wine you taste by developing your scent memory. This is a further step towards wine tasting mastery. The pleasure of drinking a good wine is heightened when one can appreciate different styles, and decipher the varietal definition and complexity. The quality of these aromas is irreproachable. Each aroma is the result of in-depth analysis, a combination of compounds, subtle dosage, an extremely discriminating selection designed to produce the right aroma, that cannot be falsified and will remain extremely stable. Practise with confidence. These scents are startlingly realistic and they are guaranteed to last more than 5 years! Smell how easy it is to make progress! The Kit includes 54 index cards explaining the real link between aromas and wine and an informative guide-book. This book explains how to use the aromas, how the aromas appear and in which types of wine, with reference to the world’s finest wines and champagnes. It also points out essential information on the different grape varieties (highlighting their main aromas) and the ageing characteristics. This is a genuine learning tool and the most desired one among the wine gifts for amateur and professional wine lovers. The LE NEZ DU VIN - MASTER KIT with 54 aromas comprises the following aromas: Fruity notes Lemon – Grapefruit – Orange – Pineapple – Banana – Lychee – Melon – Muscat – Apple – Pear – Quince – Strawberry – Raspberry – Redcurrant – Blackcurrant – Bilberry – Blackberry – Cherry – Apricot – Peach – Almond – Prune – Walnut Floral notes Hawthorn – Acacia – Linden – Honey – Rose – Violet Vegetal and spicy notes Greenpepper – Mushroom – Truffle – Yeast – Cedar – Pine – Liquorice – Blackcurrant Bud – Cut Hay – Thyme – Vanilla – Cinnamon – Clove – Pepper – Saffron Animal notes Leather – Musk – Butter Toasty notes Toasted Bread – Roasted Almonds – Roasted Hazelnut – Caramel – Coffee – Dark Chocolate – Smoke Specifications * 54 aromas * Carmine clothbound book box * Explanatory booklet * Size 294 x 382 x 55 mm * Weight 3,75 kg * English version! Origin France
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    HANDPRESSO WILD - Carrying Case - Espresso Essentials A must! This handy case protects your HANDPRESSO WILD wherever you go and is the ideal outdoor case. Specifications * Thermo-formed EVA stiff case * Light and strong (weight: 90g) * Size: 24.5 x 10 x 7cm * Sold with adjustable strap Awards and Nominations l’Observeur du Design 2008 (Nominee) iF Design Award 2008 Formland Design Award 2008 Design Patrick Chateau, David Petitdemange, Henrik Nielsen (Nielsen Innovation) Origin France


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    LE NEZ DU CAFE – 6 coffee aromas – TEMPTATION KIT espresso essentials The TEMPTATION coffee aroma kit by LE NEZ DU CAFE (The Nose of Coffee) is a collection of the 6 major aromas found in the world’s top coffees. It was developed by the same people who gave us LE NEZ DU VIN (The Nose of Wine) for wine connoisseurs. A coffee connoisseur should be able to identify various coffee aromas too.This kit of 6 aromas is a valuable tool for your own educational and training purposes and will assist the lovers of coffee to develop their senses for easy identifcation of some of the major aromas present in coffee. It is achieved by practicing with the scents and storing the scent profile to your memory. This starter kit offers a pleasurable way of becoming competent in coffee tasting by helping you to recognise different aromas e.g. during barista traing courses. It will also assist you to give an informed opinion on the coffee you are tasting and share the sensations with others. There is much more in the aroma of coffee than just coffee. The LE NEZ DU CAFE TEMPTATION KIT is THE GIFT for all interested in coffee either in a professional way or as an aficionado. The LE NEZ DU CAFE - TEMPTATION KIT with 6 aromas comprises the following aromas: Garden Peas – Roasted Coffee – Roasted Peanuts – Butter – Caramel – Blackcurrant Specifications * 6 coffee aromas * Clothbound book box * Explanatory booklet * Size 140 x 100 x 30 mm * English version! Origin France