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By popular demand! Signature Costes scent, this composition is a slightly different than that of the classic Costes Eau de Toilette. We've heard that many prefer to wear this on the body as well as perfume the room. Costes signature room spray Notes coriander seeds, white pepper, laurel, oriental woods, incense, musk, hints of rose
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    A clean, graceful iris that opens with a dizzying rush of fresh citrus. Bergamot, orange and a particularly bright and breezy lemon mingle with green notes to give this an exuberant beginning – all youth and innocence and laughter. Then, the floral heart emerges, pierced with ginger and a pepper that tingles like the blush of a first crush. Soaring orange blossom is artfully blended with a stunning rendition of just-bloomed iris, with grace notes of earth and root that give it a soft, suede-like feel. Iris fragrances are sometimes brooding and melancholy, but this is sun drenched and dreamy, with just a hint of wistfulness. The crisp tartness of lemon never fades entirely, but nestles with the cool iris to create something lovely and unexpected. Prelude to Love Notes Seville orange, bergamot, Amalfi lemon, ginger, pepper, orange blossom, Florence iris

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    A new perfume from my friend, Sarah Barton King founder of the Pink Room is now available at Lucky Scent. It is described as, "The Pink Room’s new perfume, Pour Toi, is a beautiful coquette of a scent, playful, coy and oh so feminine. And how could it be any different, if the fragrance was inspired by the great Colette and her flirtatious heroine, Gigi." Mmmm lovely.

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    Eau de Kasaneka, work of the japanese creator, Shuji Suzuki, is a spicy floral elixer based around exotic spices, fresh citrus notes and a warm base of sandalwood, vanilla and cedar. A complex, yet elegant fragrance that is ultra feminine, revealing its full sensuality from the Ambrette seed-- an extract with purported aphrodisiac effects. A fragrance with mysterious powers in a bottle designed by the famous painter Shozo Shimada.

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    DIANA B. Sugar Scrub cleanses and exfoliates your skin using a unique, patented formula. ALL NATURAL, totally OIL FREE, wax free, chemical free and safe for the most sensitive skin. In Black Fig, Maple Lychee, Peach Frangipani, Green Tea Grapefruit.

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    oh my goodness - the things i could do with this kit!!! I don't even know if it's right for a married woman to own this, because my powers to seduce could become LETHAL! I still really want it though. really bad!