Lucky Jewelry Talisman

Center Flower Hamsa Amulet [36045] $79.00 Center Flower Hamsa Amulet Click to Enlarge Contrasting colors and a beautiful center flower theme makes this Hamsa Amulet a favourite. The pewter Hamsa is handmade with Swarovski crystals and fine details, all vividly hand painted. A great protection amulet for home or office. Dimensions: This beautiful Hamsa Amulet is 4.9" in length, 3.1" in width and requires 2-4 business days for handling prior to shipping. About Hamsa Amulets: The Hamsa can be either worn on the body or displayed inside homes to protect against the Evil Eye. Sometimes referred to as the “Hand of God”, they are one of the most popular charms available. By hanging these in the entrance of a home or business, they are believed to bring good luck to the inhabitants, bring prosperity to business and offer protection.