Loyale Costilla

If you are madly scouring for that unique eco-luxury piece of the season, look no further. The Costilla jacket -- the stand-out piece from loyale's ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 07 collection -- is a noteworthy achievement in eco-fashion: it is the first-ever organic, vegan faux-fur jacket. And it is buttery-soft and chic to boot. "Many people purchase traditional faux fur in order to protect animals; however they are not aware of the environmental consequences," says loyale designer Jenny Hwa. "This jacket is a unique piece that is consistent with a timeless fashion trend while also taking into consideration the environment and all its various inhabitants." loyale clothing is inspired by understated sophistication, alluring fit and sustainable fabrics for the fashionably conscious set. Taking an ecological stance, while creating frocks with beckoning silhouettes and charming details are loyale's signature criteria.