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http://www.thelittlebazaar.com/item/2163/ unique skirt inspired by the tribes of the Himalayan foothills. This heavy cotton skirt with embroidery on the sides is the perfect choice for the season. The cotton fabric used has a stone wash look. Wear it with boots and a scarf or add a long necklace. Gives you a designer flair with distinctive elegance.
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    Women`s Sequined Black Skirt Lets try your taste in Black - when you are yearning to wear some sequins as well. And there is no way you can look beyond this black sequined long skirt; with a classic pitcher design, in such a classy sycamore green! The skirt is sheered (lets the light flow in), with no lining. So if you wanted to attract (read look sexy), this light cotton skirt wouldn`t disappoint. Or wear something beneath, and the long skirt`s iridescent sequins and amusing designs will let compliments come your way anyway. The pitcher design and patterns have greenish thread accents decorated with sequins. The construction allows for flowy carefree fall for billowy movement. The drawstring on the waist has tiny bells. Length:36 inches Waist: 24 inches - 34 inches(It has a drawstring which can be adjusted) Material: 100% Cotton; sheer, no lining

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    This new long skirt design for the season has layers of wild willow green and royal health pink with crochet lace in white background. In addition you`ll find Bossanova violet bleeding from the top on this crinkled texture/look.

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    Spanish Red Ladies Tunic Shirt http://www.thelittlebazaar.com

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    Striped Floral long skirt or dress in orange This is an eye-candy new design with alternating bands of plain orange and very in-season light floral shades of green and grey. This fascinating skirt is light and flowy and gets you in the mood for the season. The smocking (waist band) adds to the attraction of this bright and summerish skirt. The waist or bust of gathered cotton fabric is supple and can stretch - making it form fitting and flexible

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    Shades of the setting sun on horizon makes this a quiet, romantic skirt. Spend your summer day in this easy-to-wear blend of cotton and georgette chiffon tie dye skirt. This is one special, carefully selected wearable collection for the upcoming season.

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    This is an african style block print long skirt on a deep Aztec background. The block pattern is in thunderbird and apache colors. This is a wrap around skirt so it goes around the waist and is tied on the side. The material is thick heavy cotton. Flattering hemline.