Loc8tor Plus

Always losing your keys / glasses / dog / kids? Protect your loved ones and posessions with your personal homing device. Find with Loc8tor Plus. Your own personal locator uses a unique combination of audio and visual cues to guide you to your lost item from up to an incredible 183 metres / 600 feet away! Simply tell your Loc8tor what you need to find! Find and Protect with Loc8tor Plus. Use Loc8tor to either search or set an invisible safety zone around your loved ones or valuables. If any of them move beyond the boundary you set, the vibrating alarm is activated and the item identified! Panic Tag The panic tag allows a child or whoever has the tag to send an alarm signal to the handset (parent) for an emergency situation. Includes: 1 panic tag, 3 homing tags and locator Handset. Batteries included. Extra panic tags and homing tags can be purchased separately.