Ooak Designer Work Of Art

Geisha 2004 25"h x 14.5"w x 12"d The concept of being a work of art is never far removed from human consciousness, but, more than anyone else, the true geisha brings it to fulfillment. She is versed in dance and song, plays several instruments, and is adept in all forms of communication from poetry and philosophy to cooking and politics. Her hair is sculpted, and so is her kimono, and her face is painted to look ceramic. She is truthful and honorable, while her discretion is a model of diplomacy. Curiously, this all tends to obscure that perfect beauty of her own person on which her art depends.
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    Jessie 2005 12"h x 18"w x 8"d This figure was inspired by a turn-of-the-century French photograph. I was enchanted by the sensitivity and grace of her self-arrangement, and I decided to do a study -- but there were problems. She is so lightly aloof, and with such effortless presence it seemed she could simply float away. So I gave her some wings just in case -- besides which, she wanted them. Nor is she so aloof that she can’t be easily engaged, and as charming of her person as of her form. I’ve found her a delightful and informed companion, and we’ve shared many hours of “quality time.”