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A hydrating treatment that nourishes, protects, and plumps the lips.
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    What it is:
    Hydrating, semi-sheer lipstick.

    What it does:
    Rich color can still be natural looking. This unique formula combines long-lasting wear, vibrant color, and moist, see-through color. The effect is nothing short of

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    What it is:
    A hydrating lipstick that creates full lips with intense color.

    What it does:
    A revamp of the iconic Sephora Lip Attitude Chic, this new hydrating formula provides improved coverage and is rife with pigment. The

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    SEPHORA CRYSTALLIZED LIPSTICK Encrusted with over 100 black diamantes, this covetable collector's edition tube adds instant sparkle to your makeup routine. Even after its perfect shade of red is gone, just swap the top onto any other hue in the best-selling Sephora lipstick range.

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    SHU UEMURA MIKA HOLIDAY SHADOW PALETTE It may feel like fall outside, but this pro-loved brand's newest floral-encased holiday palettes are designed to bring a fresh perspective to your makeup look. With highly-saturated pigments in the newest on-trend hues, this is one shadow collection that keeps your look in bloom.

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    M.A.C PASSIONS OF RED LIP TRIO We can't help being tempted by M.A.C's new scarlet serpent-embossed compact collection. Adorned with a giant ruby, this lip trio houses the pro-loved brand's most glamorous party-girl colors.

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    Stila Lip Set ($70 Value) for $25.00 What it is: A collection of best-selling Stila lip products. What it does: Lips are in, so here is a kit assembled perfectly to create any lip look—anytime, anywhere. What else you need to know: The brown, faux-suede pouch contains a Lip Glaze in Grapefruit (frosted pink), a Glaze Lip Liner in Pink (soft pink), It Gloss in Smashing (shimmering bright pink), and a Lip Glaze Stick in Fig (vibrant pink). These limited-edition sets are only available at

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    Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick What it is: Exceptionally smooth, longwearing lipstick. What it is formulated to do: Adds sexy, light-reflective color to the lips as it nourishes and hydrates with powerful antioxidants. What else you need to know: Rouge Interdit is more than a lipstick, it's a fashion accessory with a designer signature. The black and silver tube is an objet d'art adorned with a ribbon at one end that unlocks the beautiful piece. Wear anytime, in any circumstance. When applied, it immediately soothes and softens. Its fine, spreadable texture melts over the lips.

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    Fall in love with the Juicy Loves Sephora Pavé Lip Gloss Heart Ring. This precious gold accessory will win you over with its sweet, sparkling heart that is faceted with pink crystals that shine with feminine allure. But there is beauty inside and out with this essential accessory—a hinge opening reveals a tiny pot of light pink lip gloss, a built-in mirror, and a little love note to you, dearest and fairest!

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    Dior VIEW ALL PRODUCTS BY Dior Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor What it is: Long-wearing, hydrating lipstick. What it is formulated to do: Dior Rouge's Formula strikes the perfect balance of stay-on power, coverage, and shine. Dior's "lip-perfecting" complex that offers incomparable moisturizing and re-contouring benefits combined with long-wearing, lip-pampering color that lasts for hours and Color Reveal Complex that's a light amplifier contained in the formula to provides all shades with unrivaled radiance making them look fresh, bright and pure.

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    Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick What it is: A translucent, long-lasting lipstick designed with high fashion in mind. What it does: Introducing Dior Addict High Shine, the first lipstick developed for fashion show performance, featuring extra long wear, extreme show-stopping shine, and light-drenched color. Revolutionary lip-fix powders and micro-polymers cling to lips to prevent smudging. Light reflection is so powerful that wrinkles are minimized and lips look youthfully smooth. What else you need to know: These Sephora-exclusive lipsticks are available in a range of addictive shades housed in sleek iridescent tubes. Wear them alone or with Dior Glossy Lipliner Pencils. Fragrance-free.

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    Uber makeup artist Vincent Longo collaborated with Sephora to create this limited-edition Holiday Collection. Comprised of three essential products, the set allows a woman to express her personality using makeup as a tool of enhancement. The outcome? A sultry smoky eye with a veil of shine and a classic red lip, the beauty statement of the season. Included in the set is a Wet Diamond Eyeshadow in Concerto (charcoal gray with iridescent glimmer), an Eye Shimmer Souffle pot in Pavlova (frosted white), and a Lipstick in Fore-Plush (warm red cream), the perfect shade of red. Sold in a deluxe travel bag.

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    Imagine a lipstick so decadent, so luxurious, it can only be 100% pure bareMinerals, a healthy infusion of the freshest, purest minerals on the earth

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    This kit contains two of CARGO's PlantLove™ Lipsticks which are housed in a 100 percent compostable lipstick case and has a carton made with flower paper (simply plant, water and watch a wildflower garden grow), a silky-smooth, PurseGloss (a petite and easy-to-carry tube and wand combination which contains CARGO's award-winning lip gloss formula and has been designed to fit perfectly in your purse), plus a Reversible Lip Liner (a natural-colored liner that, when applied to the outer edges of the lip line and blended outward, enhances definition of the lip area without obvious pigment). Shades include PlantLove™ lipsticks in Yellowstone (rich rose plum shimmer), Cece (sheer glimmering berry plum), Montreal PurseGloss (sheer plum sheen), Reverse Lip Liner.

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    Inside Out Vitamin Lipstick What it is: A unique rejuvenating lipstick containing BORBA nutraceuticals. What it is formulated to do: While Tarte's long-lasting lipstick beautifies you on the outside, BORBA's Nutraceutical blend beautifies you on the inside. Skinvigorating™ Benefits include Jojoba (to nourish and condition lips), Vitamins A, E & K (antioxidants to give you that healthy glow), plus the hydrating and skin soothing benefits of Acai, green tea, Lychee extract, and Vitamin C.

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    A lipstick tube made entirely out of corn - a renewable and abundant resource. This environmentally-friendly innovation also emits less greenhouse gases, which many scientists believe to be the major cause of global warming. The outer carton is made of flower paper embedded with real flower seeds. Simply moisten, plant, and wait for a bouquet of wild flowers to grow!

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    I love the packaging. I hope the product is good too.

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    Sephora's latest guerilla marketing campaign

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    PlantLove™ Botanical Lipstick A 100 percent biodegradable lipstick tube made entirely from corn, which is a renewable resource and greenhouse gas neutral so it does not contribute to global warming. The outer carton is made of biodegradable flower paper, infused with real flower seeds - simply moisten, plant, and wait for a bouquet of wild flowers to grow. Five of these gorgeous lipsticks were designed by your favorite celebrities: -Evangeline: Evangeline Lily -Lindsay: Lindsay Lohan -Maria: Maria Menounos -Mariska: Mariska Hargitay -Sarah: Sarah Chalke

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    PlantLove™ Botanical Lipstick What it is: A 100 percent biodegradable lipstick tube made entirely from corn, which is a renewable resource and greenhouse gas neutral so it does not contribute to global warming. The outer carton is made of biodegradable flower paper, infused with real flower seeds - simply moisten, plant, and wait for a bouquet of wild flowers to grow! What else you need to know: CARGO is donating two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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    Rich and vibrant with pigment, these moisturizing lipsticks provide kissably natural, long-lasting color. With a mirror right on the case for perfect application!!