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LiteBall is a stainless steel energy efficient LED fitting encased in a sculptural concrete sphere for interior or exterior use. Available in a selection of colours, LiteBall can be stacked in multiples or simply positioned to illuminate in a variety of angled directions; Ideal for highlighting architectural, interior or garden features. The 1 watt waterproof light fitting is inexpensive to run and with up to 100,000 hours of LED life, it ensures a maintenance free product and makes the LiteBall great value for money. With cool glass for added safety and 5 m of cable.
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    The decorative Floating Water Lily Light is perfect for garden pools, ponds, and a bowl in the house or even your bath. This elegant lotus flower light will glow at the touch of a button. The floating water lily light has been designed by Think Gadgets in such a way that you can get the maximum usage indoors and outdoors. Slow phase colour change LED floating lotus flower Measures 15x15x7cm (6x6x2.7in) Colour changes through blue, green, and red Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) No wires or cables Do you need us to tell you that it’s waterproof?

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    Softlight is a new range of ambient lighting with three members: Blimp, Ghost and Mini. Opalescent white blown glass with LED fittings - these cuties have a press touch mechanism integrated into the base of the lights - no more fumbling around looking for switches. When switched on the Mini and Blimp run through the full colour spectrum emitting a glow that is redolent of sweet shop colours - warm, rich and bright - and when not in use their milky white shapes are decoratively cool.

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    Vase with light. An innovative use of brilliant LED diodes that change through all the colours of the rainbow. When the vase is switched on, the glass automatically changes colours in continuous play of light. Freeze function can be used to lock the colours at will. The result is an eye-catching and living light fixture in the home – with or without flowers. Design: Invivodesign

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    The only candles which combine the beauty of a real flame with clever LED technology to add colour and sustainable light. A guaranteed talking point at any dinner party! These candles use the latest LED technology to enhance the beauty of a real flame. Why not bring a bit of romance into your home with these amazing, innovative candles! When the Mood Glow candle is lit the light from the flame travels down the fibre optic and activates the environmentally friendly lithium battery which in turn activates the LED to emit a multitude of constantly changing colours throughout the interior of the candle. The candles vary according to size, but average burning time is approximately 15 hours. If you're super organised and already thinking about Christmas, we've added a little Snowman to the range!

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    Light up any small space easily with a stick-on LED light! The Sylvania DOT-It LED Light will stick to practically any surface and shines its three bright white LEDs instantly when tapped on. Stick one in a kitchen cabinet or pantry and another under kitchen cabinets for a brighter workspace. These battery-powered LED lights are ideal for use in garages, sheds or any other area where it's too unwieldy to shine a flashlight while you work. Get creative: Stick one on your child's bike for nighttime visibility or in your tent when you're camping. You can even stick one on your car's seat back for extra light during long, late-night drives.