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Suspension Globe trotter Suspension. Design : Créa Créa
  • 89 months ago »

    Brand new, exquisite, gorgeous tiffany style lamp is a unique, handcrafted work of Art Nouveau variation in the glass. Using genuine hand-rolled art stained glass, the lampshades are being handmade in the original process originally developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago. The many single pieces of the shade are being cut out with stencil and then polished. All handcrafted from these many little pieces; the shade is put together by the edges with a thin foil of copper and then soldered together by hand. In this way, a very detailed glass-mosaic is being created and so the shade gets its individual shape. Depending on the size and number of glass pieces, up to 100 hours of work come together when manufacturing one single lamp! With this handcrafted process, no two pieces are exactly alike, making each design a treasured keepsake.

  • 92 months ago »

    The Fil De Fer floor lamp by Catellani & Smith is designed and hand made in Italy. Fil De Fer is a remarkable floor / table lamp, because the ball formed out of aluminum wire , shines from the inside. It changes its light strength when you touch the ligh and is thereby a light object with high attraction. Its bizarre appearance reminded the designer Enzo Cattelani "of the light, rolling bushes, blown by the wind in the Mexican desert". The dimmer is attached on cord. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Details: Manufacturer: Catellani & Smith

  • 92 months ago Unicalighting »

    the la la lamp designed by helen kontouris for kundalini, 2004. the la la floor lamp is made of two cone shaped opaline coated fabric shades. it features noiseless IGBT technology and a dimmer switch. available in two sizes and colors. small: 52.7"h x 22.8"w, 1 x 100w large: 70.8"h x 34.6"w, 1 x 150W

  • 92 months ago Unicalighting »

    the boalum floor/wall lamp from artemide was designed by l. castiglioni and g. frattini in 1970. an artemide "modern classic" designed for diffused incandescent lighting, this tubular lamp features a body of an opal white reinforced flexible plastic material and end caps in molded white thermoplastic, suitable for use with a junction and connection of two flexible bodies together to obtain a longer tubular composition. dimensions: 79"l x 2"dia awards: honourable mention bio, ljubljana (slovenia), 1975 museums: musee des arts decoratifs de montreal, montreal (canada) museo del design italiano, milan triennale (italy) Bulb Type: 25 x 5W/6V (special) connected in series and spaced by insulating plastic spheres.

  • 94 months ago »

    Gives a soft mood light. Mouth blown glass; each lamp is unique.

  • 96 months ago Antiki »

    The Korean art of paper-making has long been admired for its unique beauty and ingenuity. Dating back over 2000 years, craftsmen began mastering the techniques of transforming paper into functional everyday items and artifacts. Our Lantern Tree Lamp is an elegant expression of this age-old craft. In the skilled hands of traditional artisans, a mixture of extremely durable paper mache is molded over wire frame into an organic composition of swirling vines. The three elliptical lanterns are controlled by a touch-sensitive dimmer button on the base, letting you choose the perfect light for any mood. Reflecting the Korean aesthetics of honesty and simplicity, this artistically crafted accent lamp will lend an air of natural harmony to any space.

  • 97 months ago Areaware »

    Pigeon Light Designer: Ed Carpenter for Thorsten van Elten Material: Acrylic Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 8 inches An urban souvenir. Maximum 25 watt light bulb with European base (one supplied with fixture).

  • 103 months ago Hidden Art Shop »

    Wooster Our Price: £225.00 by Jake Phipps spacer image Dimensions: H14 x W25 x D32cm spacer image Delivery: 3 - 4 weeks spacer image Materials: Black wool felt exterior.VO fire-rated polycarbonate diffuser.Fire-rated brass electrical fittings and cord with standard ceiling fitting Part of the Hidden Art Select Range, these pendant lights suitable for any aspiring gentleman or conscientious manservant where class and sophistication are the essential components to illumination. Jeeves’s bowler hat is lined with a refined gold interior, whilst Wooster’s top hat has a more distinguished silver lining. Both exude that quintessential British combination of regimented style and eccentricity. 40 watt bayonet cap round soft light bulbs – small. No plug fitting. Designed and made in the UK.

  • 107 months ago Eco-lights »

    A splendid French Knot Georgette shade takes center stage in the Japanese lantern-style Tokushima Lamp. Tiny knots create a delicate speckled pattern within the shade that is visible when the light is turned on. The steel base is finished in Matte Black and accentuates the creamy tone of the long opaque shade, which softens light for a tranquil setting. Place on an end table or nightstand for a gentle, exotic touch.

  • 107 months ago Bouf »

    hand laid fibreglass base with recessed, ultra bright white LEDs focused onto a suspended Swarovski crystal chandelier.

  • 108 months ago Michaelmchaledesigns »

    The Triple-Rail Chandelier At almost five feet long and featuring countless crystals, the Triple-Rail Chandelier is undoubtedly the most ambitious McHale Chandelier to date. Its design is both simple - three rails and a crossbar - and richly complex. The Triple-Rail takes on different characteristics at different angles and at different times during the day. Its simultaneous displays of simplicity and opulence guarantee that the Triple-Rail is destined to become a design classic of the early 21st Century. Length: 60” x 20” Price: 13,950 usd

  • 108 months ago Dutchbydesign »

    Hang Lights range / Mirror Rain Light Product: Mirror Rain Light Designer: LM Design Art Code: N/A Description: The graceful design of this sleek, sophisticated mirror chandelier is striking in its simplicity. Beautifully slender mirror strips create a wonderfully ambient glow. A real eye-catching design. Dimensions: Dia 30 cm H 50 cm Materials: Acrylic and Steel E27 lightbulb Colours: As seen on image Weight: HEAVY Price (UK): £145.00 GBP

  • 108 months ago Dutchbydesign »

    Tord Boontje range / Icarus Light Product: Icarus Light Tord Boontje Designer: Tord Boontje Art Code: N/A Description: The Icarus is an absolutely stunning light, the latest creation from designer sensation Tord Boontje. Gigantic, lightweight and delicate at the same time, it is made from various layers of polyester. It comes with a cone-shaped plastic safety protector, which prevents the material from coming into contact with the light bulb. Flat-packed for quick and easy assembly. Maximum lamp rating 60 watt. Drop approx 78cm. The idea for the Icarus started as an experiment with cutting paper to create a dimensional form for light, discovering a structure with overlapping feather shapes that resembled a swan's wing. The end result is very romantic, delicate and absolutely dreamy. Dimensions: Drop 78 cm Materials: Polyester Colours: White Weight: LIGHT Price (UK): £62.50 GBP

  • 108 months ago Shopmodi »

    midsummer light * by: artecnica * collection: live $ 70.00 $ 60.00 - $ 70.00 additional images: 1 2 designed by tord boontje for artecnica. the lampshade is made of 2 layers of cut tyvek, a very strong synthetic paper, and has a mylar cone inside that keeps it away from the light bulb. the light comes in a flat packaging and has a finished size of diameter 20” x 27.5” approximate dimension : 18” x 30” x 18” comes with a 15’ white cord with a switch which requires a standard bulb, 60 watt maximum. midsummer light won the best product award at the ny international gift show 2004, the best lighting award at the stockholm gift show 2004, and was included in the 100 best design issue of metropolitan Home 2004 returns are accepted only on unopened packages.

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    Jeeves (pair price) Our Price: £400.00 by Jake Phipps Dimensions: H13 x W24 x D32cm Materials: Black wool felt exterior. VO fire-rated polycarbonate diffuser. Fire-rated brass electrical fittings and cord with standard ceiling fitting Pendant lights suitable for any aspiring gentleman or conscientious manservant where class and sophistication are the essential components to illumination. Jeeves’s bowler hat is lined with a refined gold interior, whilst Wooster’s top hat has a more distinguished silver lining. Both exude that quintessential British combination of regimented style and eccentricity. 40 watt bayonet cap round soft light bulbs – small. No plug fitting. Designed and made in the UK.

  • 110 months ago Design Within Reach »

    Fortuny Lamp $5,000 Designer Mariano Fortuny Height adjustable. Reflector swivels for multi-directional lighting. Large scale. Iconic 1907 lighting design by Mariano Fortuny. The Fortuny Lamp (1907) represents the early modernist emphasis on industrial materials, functional style and the spatial role of objects. As compelling as modern sculpture, the lamp dominates space, but also stands up to inspection of every well-engineered detail. This may be the most passionate and powerful piece of lighting ever produced. It is height-adjustable and rotates to direct light as desired. Dramatic in larger spaces: reception areas, restaurants or an open living area. Bulb included: incandescent 500W, E40.

  • 110 months ago Modlivin »

    VERPAN Fun 1DA Metal It is by no coincidence that VerPan has become such a famous brand both in Denmark and abroad, as Verner Panton's unique lighting designs display astounding qualities that attract attention everywhere. Success with Pantons designs has only been possible through the very close and inspirational partnership with Marianne Panton and her family. Right from the start, the goal was to produce lighting in accordance with the original Verner Panton principles; creating a synthesis between quality and originality. Consequently, VerPan produces its lighting with immense respect for Panton's own philosophy - and his special talent for working with light. Composition: metal discs on three ring metal frame. Design Year: 1964 Diameter: 17.72" Height: 23.62" Light source: E27 / E26 max. 75W (clear bulb) Cord: 157.48" black fabric wire

  • 110 months ago Illu-stration »

    Mary-Ann Williams, Illu Stration

  • 111 months ago Contemporaryheaven »

    An amazing must see large mesh ball pendant light from massive featuring 15 individual small lights intertwined into the light giving a unique look and light. This light in the right modern or tastefully classic room makes such an amazing feature and the picture can never do justice to such a beautiful light. Bulb 15 x G4 Max 10w included with light. Designed and made by Massive Lighting

  • 113 months ago Within4walls »

    by ASSA ASHUACH Assa designed the first OMI lamp in 1999. It was created from 120 foam plates attached with a rubber band, which allowed the whole construction to move and to create a type of biological worm mechanism. The design was very difficult to produce in conventional ways, but Rapid Prototyping technologies offered the only possible and absolutely perfect solution and in 2004 the extraordinary Omi.MGX was born. Made from a single piece of nylon, Omi.MGX diffuses light so finely that, from a distance, it seems solid. On closer inspection, the lamp is revealed to be an intricate sequence of nylon ripples so flexible and cut so precisely that they can be bent and twisted into improbable shapes almost like a biological, insect-like mechanism - twist one end and the rest will follow creating different shapes and moods.

  • 113 months ago Within4walls »

    QUIN.MGX by BATHSHEBA GROSSMAN Quin depicts the last and most mystical of the five Platonic solids, the twelve-sided dodecahedron. In his first four shapes Plato saw the elements that make up the material world, but in this fifth he saw the nature and wholeness of the entire universe, the spiritual quintessence. This mesmerizing light-sculpture is an embodiment of that unity: the Quintrino. Quin must be the most extraordinary and unbelievable light we have ever seen. Its light follows many swooping paths, leading from triangles to pentagons and back again. The geometric facets of the original solid dodecahedron are unloosened from each other and are free to rotate in space, opening out their boundaries into curves which fly past each other. This lets the turning surfaces override each other likes waves on water while keeping the sculpture open into space in all directions. It's a symmetry which is rarely seen in any man-made or natural object.

  • 113 months ago Eco-lights »

    The "Paper" table lamp is one of the new Rock, Paper, Scissors series available in two table, two pendant and three ADA compliant wall sconces with a white exteriors and vibrant red, blue, orange or yellow interiors. This version uses a colored plastic light diffuser inside the metal frame. The shade itself is made of a white line styrene. The Paper Orbit Table Lamp will surely add that dynamic touch to your home.