Kittypod, the ultimate cat furniture, is an elegant cat bed and scratching post by Elizabeth Paige Smith. Kittypod's perfect proportions provide a luxury kitty refuge. "It's deep enough for security, not so deep as to obstruct their view," Smith says. The beautiful form is created with heavy duty, tri-wall corrugated cardboard for the cat bed and maple ply for the base. Over time, the cat bed texture evolves and becomes unique to the kitty who possesses it, as he scratches with his own special rhythms and patterns. Elizabeth Paige Smith is a designer of furniture and commercial interiors who celebrates form and style inspired from many places.
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    Prrrounge cat furniture from Elizabeth Paige Smith. This cat furniture gives ultimate comfort for kitty, and a charming look. Cats find the shape and surface of the prrrounge irresistible. Elizabeth Paige Smith is best known for furniture of beautiful form, in materials that engage human senses. Like her famous Kittypod cat bed, her new Prrrounge and Couchette cat furniture (below) provide the cats in your life elegant sleeping and lounging spaces that please their senses, too. This cat furniture is curved just so, to cradle kitties. Constructed of tri-wall corrugated cardboard, it will also give kitties years of scratching pleasure.

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    The Archipod is another striking design for those who appreciate modern architecture. It’s interior shape creates a coved shelter for your kitty, while the open form creates multiple platforms for climbing and scratching. Like the other Kittypod products, this is sure to be a conversation piece in any room! dimensions: 23” L x 12” W x 25” H materials & maintenance: Industrial-strength corrugated cardboard with a maple x-shaped pedestal base. Due to shipping size limitations the pod and base ship unassembled. Instructions included. availability & order info: Allow 2-3 weeks delivery price: Archipod $320

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    Designed by Patrick Chia for Kittypod, Chiapod is a minimalist sculpture that functions as a low resting place for kitty. The eased concave surface engages your cat's body while the convex shaped underside lifts and allows the piece to have subtle movement. The form has been hand shaped from a solid block of laminated tri-wall cardboard. Like the other pieces in the kittypod collection, the texture of the cardboard has been hand finished to achieve a soft and velvety surface. dimensions: 22.5" Dia x 8" H materials & maintanance: Industrial-strength corrugated cardboard. availability & order info: Allow 2-3 weeks delivery price: Chiapod $189

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    The Silhouette is a great place to do things kitties do when not in the kittypod or the couchette! The versatility of this pillow makes it a great tool to use when kitty’s persistant behaviour to sit on your new lounge chair seems impossible to curb. Place the Silhouette in the spot and save your upholstery from hair and claws. It’s cool to cuddle with kitty thanks to the Silhouette! dimensions: 25” L x 20” W x 2” H materials & maintenance: Soft faux sheepskin fleece with foam insert. The cover is removable with a velcro closure for easy care. availability & order info: Allow 1 week delivery price: Silhouette $30

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    This double sided pedestal may be used for one or several kitties. Turned on either end, the cradle-like design serves as a soft perch on one side while providing a hiding spot underneath. Like the other kittypod products this timeless design is well suited for any interior environment. dimensions: 30” L x 14” W x 22” H materials & maintenance: Industrial-strength corrugated cardboard availability & order info: Allow 2-3 weeks delivery price: Couchette $320

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    Created primarily using recycled materials the Kittypod is great for those who appreciate environmentally thoughtful design. The curved egg-shape pod creates an interior form-fitting bed for cats of all sizes. The texture of the corrugation provides a surface that is soft and breathes and is durable for scratching, making the Kittypod the absolute choice nesting spot. dimensions: 28” L x 20” W x 19” H materials & maintenance: Industrial-strength corrugated cardboard with a maple x-shaped pedestal base. availability & order info: Allow 2-3 weeks delivery price: Kittypod $320

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    Consider Birdy as an interactive sculpture for you kitty to personalize. The tri-wall corrugations withstand much more abuse than other cardboard products will, and the beauty of the Birdy is that it becomes more beautiful with use. Let’s celebrate what comes natural for kitty. Shouldn't every kitty have the freedom to follow nature’s will? By dedicating the Birdy as their own safe place to sharpen and claw, you save kitty from becoming defenseless, and gain something to treasure in the process. dimensions: 30” L x 21” W x 2” H materials & maintenance: Industrial strength corrugated cardboard. availability & order info: Allow 1 - 2 weeks delivery price: Birdy $85