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hese hand-blown and hand-painted tea glasses are distinctive with an hourglass form and arabesque design. glass has a subtle iridescence.
  • The figures draped around this series of glasses from Esther Derkx appear to be floating in midair thanks to the artist’s innovative screen-printing techniques. Divers, dancers, and other retro-styled athletes sweep across champagne flutes, wine glasses, and other new stemware from Royal Leerdam. Each piece has been carefully printed to seamlessly curve around the form of the glass, and each athlete and vessel have been matched for their compatible personalities. Not dishwasher safe.

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    These super-sweet Japanese Zakka-style fruit character mugs are too cute to pass up and come in all your favorite flavors!

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    A coffee boosts energy levels, especially when it is served in one of these "Salsa" espresso cups, appropriately named as the cups seem to be dancing on their saucers. The successful balancing act is achieved thanks to the clever design of the saucer which makes it possible for the egg-shaped cup to stand at every conceivable angle. With their ring-shaped handles and platinum or gold rims these Bernardaud cups also make attractive ornaments. Available as a set of 2 or 6.

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    The charm of this offbeat glassware is its fiery swirls of color and freeform organic shapes. Choose tumbler or pitcher. Stemware also available. Dishwasher safe.

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    These are best with hot beverages. Green ink on a bone china beaker shaped mug. Holds about 11oz.

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    Crystal glass with handengraving.

  • Like its namesake—“kotori” is Japanese for “small bird”—this sprightly porcelain sake pitcher stands watch over five small cups. The set, designed by Finland’s Tomi Pelkonen, rests on a thick oak serving tray. SFMOMA exclusive. $195.00