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Buttons can be great supplies to decorate your favorite holiday. It's only two week left, so what did you prepare for the coming Halloween? Here, I collected 5 button crafts ideas. Hope you will like it. And do get some Halloween featured colored buttons prepared first! You may take a look at Pandahall~! Aha, yes,…
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    This is the biggest Cheeseburger ever! With this big Cheeseburger pillow, whether you are watching TV or taking a rest, it will provide you with the best comfort! It is very soft and cuddle!

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    Spectator Handbag Price: $2600.00 Sale Price: $1599.00 Refined handbag, meticulously crafted from rich canvas finished with glossy Italian patent leather trim and custom brass hardware.

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    Functional fun way for your baby to lounge while you work.

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    Taxi Booties Taxi!!! You don’t have to hail from The Big Apple to recognize the iconic symbol of the New York City Yellow Taxi Cab. It’s reproduced here in an adorable pair of hand crocheted booties for tiny matter where they reside. A gentle elastic keeps booties from falling off. Sized 12 months. Booties measure approximately 4" L x 2 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H and 2" H at its tallest part. Come packaged in a felt gift container 4" L x 4" W x 1 1/2" H. Price: $33.00

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    endearing amigurumi comestibles crocheted of soft wool yarn; set of half dozen play eggs - 2 with smiley faces, 2 with removable chicks & 2 plain & squashy

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    Rows of fun fringe trim this bright matte jersey camisole top. Shelf liner.

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    Kids get all the cool stuff. Back in my day--we had to sit on REAL phone books. This adorable and wonderfully designed "phone book" booster seat is great for kids over 3 that have graduated to the big kid chair, but can't quite see over the table. Extremely light, so even the little tyke can carry it, plus you never have to worry about it falling off the chair and smashing toes like those clunky plastic seats. Designed with indentions for your child's behind makes for more comfortable sitting.

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    By Mini Moderns A 'COLOUR ME' WALLPAPER Printed in the UK with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests.

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    Fun cuckoo clock design without the sound available on for £23.95

  • Melamine is back in a very big way. notNeutral scoured the globe for the finest quality melamine and brings it to you in an array of bright, happy colors. This snack set is perfect for kids - and coordinates with their round serving tray for Mom and Dad.

  • iXi is compact, low-maintenance and fully equipped. A sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame comes apart in seconds for easy stowing and transporting. Survival gear is also stashed right in iXi's frame - tire pump, repair kit, even a rain poncho. Available in the Standard model with a one-piece frame or in the BreakAway model with a two-piece frame that allows for separation.

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    Mod Rocker $292. U.S. Design Patented. Awarded Honorable Mention, 2006 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review. This rocking chair will appeal to a child's interest in movement as well as scale, organic form, material variation and color. The form and material invite kids to play, read or simply relax. As research indicates that children often fidget in stationary chairs, the rocker's design provides a personal space rather than just a mere chair. The chair gives an easy rock to mellow children, provides comfort while reading or playing and the space below is a secret nook to store stuffed animals. The form is wide and low to the ground, inspired by West African stools that cup the body and that are considered to be highly personal objects. The sculptural form of the Mod Rocker™ is an aesthetic addition to any room in the home... and of course, kids will love being included in the family space.

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    Y immune water Y immune water® is fortified with a complex of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and B6. Order a Y immune water® case (24 bottles) for $39.80, plus the cost of shipping. Y bone water Y bone water Y bone water® is enriched with calcium, fluoride and vitamins A, C + D. Order a Y bone water® case (24 bottles) for $39.80, plus the cost of shipping. Y brain water Y brain water Y brain water® contains a special blend of zinc, molybdenum and vitamins B6, B12 and C. Order a Y brain water® case (24 bottles) for $39.80, plus the cost of shipping. Y muscle water Y muscle water Y muscle water® contains magnesium, potassium, selenium and vitamins A and C. Order a Y muscle water® case (24 bottles) for $39.80, plus the cost of shipping.

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    Elf Slippers, Charcoal, 18-24 Months These lovely little elf slippers are specially designed not only for warmth and comfort but for quiet stealth. Caught shaking presents in your parent’s closet? Busted sneaking downstairs to catch a glimpse of the Big Guy? Never again. On temporary leave from the North Pole, we’re thrilled to welcome the cobbling talents of Jennifer Fay. She’s reinterpreted the standard elf shoe as these lush wool slippers created from felted repurposed sweaters with cashmere innersoles and non-skid leather soles. They wear beautifully as the felted wool is not only durable but gives for a comfortable fit. This one-of-a-kind charcoal colored (heathered grey) pair has 5 1/4" long midnight blue innersoles which typically fits a child ages 18-24 months. Materials: 100% wool, cashmere innersole, suede sole Availability: one of a kind medium fits ages 4-5, sole 7" long

  • Toy box creatures are as fun as the toys they swallow. They're made of 3/4" plywood with 1/2" and 1/4" detailing, child-safe hinges, and air slots. * 31" l x 21" d x 31" h * $395.00 each + shipping

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    Pick Your Nose Party Cups As seen on Lucky Magazine January 2008, DailyCandy and The Food Finally it’s polite to “pick your nose” in public! Your guests will be clamoring to "pick a new proboscis" with each successive drink. A must for your next party, and the perfect gift for any plastic surgeon who loves to do rhinoplasties. Coated paper. 24 12 ounce cups. Price: $8.75

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    Kids will take to the Aqua Glider like ducks to water – it's the UK’s first steerable, motorized inflatable water craft designed with kids in mind. Whizz around on the surface, glide ride, stand up, make turns or spin around - kids will love the Aqua Glider.

  • Wolfgang Sirch and Christoph Bitzer teamed up in the late '90s to inject new energy into the 300-year old Sirch family business. They design and produce special items for children, like the Troll Doll Stroller, under the brand name Sibi. All Sibi products are handmade in the Sirch factory in Bavaria, Germany.

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    Flour Sack Tote - New York State I love New York… This retro-inspired tote constructed from "flour sack" cotton highlights the Empire state -- complete with the New York City skyline, Niagara Falls, and Adirondacks. Tote 22" x 22" square - $14.95. Price: $14.95

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    8 1/2" Cool Creative Inspirational Foam Rollers. It's so easy! Roll on each design with paint or imprint fun using clay or dough. Set of 6 rollers in 6 religious designs. Tempera paint sold separately. $5.99 for 6.

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    At Xylocopa, we know that the key to a successful education is to begin learning at a young age. Like many of you, we are concerned about the state of science education in the public school system, especially in the lower grades. Specifically, we have noticed that there is absolutely no training that prepares students to become mad scientists. In this competitive world, the need for mad scientists will only increase, but the lack of basic education in primary school leaves us concerned that there will be no future students capable of leading in this illustrious field. Fortunately, we have a solution - a first step, if you will, along the path to mad science proficiency. We are pleased to announce the release of our Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks. These lovely blocks contain many carefully engraved illustrations of the equipment, training, and activities that a budding mad scientist will require.

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    Cupcake Toppers, Birthday Party Looking for a party stopper? How about a cupcake topper! We guarantee your treats will be the talk of the kindergarden party circuit. A word to the adults: Cathy of California was raised by a super crafty mom and her projects are based on crafts she made as a little girl, as well as ideas she find in her collection of vintage craft and design books from the 1960s and ‘70s. We also love that she’s a window dresser and tend to think of her as our own crafty Rhoda. These brilliantly simple cupcake toppers are created from retro colored hand cut felt perched on wood toothpicks. Each pack contains a set of six toppers. Please note that these are not toys but are for decoration only. $5.00 Creator: Cathy of California Materials: hand cut felt, wood toothpicks Set of 6, each approximately 3 1/2" high

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    The tytree is a modern achievement in art and design. Made in the USA, this radiant holiday centerpiece appears to glisten with over 50 multi-colored ornaments that seem to float on graceful disks. Reflections of the playful, translucent shapes and forms catch the light in ever-changing patterns to create a dazzling display. The tytree is a beautiful holiday addition, inspiring curiosity and wonder of the season year after year.

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    Nilla Sammie Soapsicle Gylcerin Soap Chocolate Scented 3oz