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Inflatable kayaks are perfect for camping, vacationing, exploring remote areas, and for cruising yachts. They’re also great for paddling enthusiasts that don’t want to drive around with a kayak on their rooftop! AIRHEAD Travel Kayaks fit easily into the trunk of your car, duffel bag or suitcase. When you feel the itch to paddle, your boat is with you! Shipping dimensions 18.5 L x 10.5 W x 24 H Weight: 40.00 lb(s) UPC: 7 37826 01974 8 ASIN: B000FE7INI Manufacturer: Airhead
  • "Ideal for Fishermen & weekend Boaters on a budget" Hundreds of fishermen call our Motormount Boats the perfect fishing setup - the simple, reliable, no nonsense and MAINTENECE FREE way to get out on the water. * Great with small gas or electric motors * Easy to row * Lightweight * Affordable * Stable fishing platform Sea Eagle Motormount boats can take you, and all the gear you ever thought necessary. You can use these boats for fishing, camping, yacht tending, skin diving, river-running or pleasure cruising. It is still lightweight and portable enough for you to carry to nearby lakes and ponds. If you are a river running enthusiast, a Sea Eagle MotorMount Boat makes a roomy river raft for up to class three white water. Despite its large size, a Sea Eagle Motormount Boat is surprisingly easy to row, especially with two people rowing at the same time.