The Goblet O Fire is hand-cut by artist John T. Unger from scrap 20 lb propane tanks and then welded to a heavy cast steel base. Although it may appear that it would easily tip over, the base is much heavier than the bowl and keeps the goblet stable. Each is an unique work of art, never to be exactly repeated. The Goblet O Fire can be used for charcoal fires, filled with sand to hold candles, alcohol or gel fuel for ambiance or can even hold small wood fires built from sticks. The Goblet O Fire has a pleasing rust patina as the standard finish. If you prefer black, paint with a high-temperature grill or automotive spray paint. The heavy 1/8 inch thick steel plate can be left outdoors year round, requiring no maintenance to last generations. A hole is cut in the center of the bowl to allow water to drain.