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Aquamarine Magic The vibrant tones of the bluest ocean beautifully cut to reflect maximum light and topped with hallmarked silver shield and aquamarine crystal. Pendant 3.5 x 3cm (1 3/8" x 1¼") On 41cm (16") Sterling silver collar.
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    Chain mesh drop earrings with tiny silver beads and faceted crystal beads. By Alchem1st.

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    This set consists of a necklace, earrings and teeka. Comes with a complimentary ring. 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium and platinum plated Swarovski crystals Studded cubic zircons Fully hand made

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    New LOCKET WITH CRYSTAL NECKLACE # Gold plated brass with signature details # Crystal charm # 28" (L) # Functioning locket Price: $148

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    Lara Bohinc Large Shoulder Bag ‘Nadia’ Large black patent handbag. Deer leather with dark brass jewellery. Made in Italy. Product: Code: Price: Qty: Nadia 044363 £665.53

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    13 pairs of Night Ice LED earrings! 1 pair of each Night Ice style and one pair of each color. This is 1 of everything! What you really want to order from any store or restaurant. 6 pairs of Original Night Ice LED earrings, 6 pairs of Flashing Night Ice LED earrings, and 1 pair of the new Multi-Color Flashers! 13 pairs total! You'll have matching Night Ice crystal LED earrings for every outfit and event.

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    6 pairs of new Night Ice flashing LED Earrings New Night Ice ® Flashing LED earrings are here! Flashing light up earrings project positivity and come in the same 6 vivid colors as the static light Original style. Collect the whole set of new Night Ice Flashers, and light up the party!

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    6 pairs of Original Night Ice Crystal LED Earrings Original Night Ice ® crystal light up earrings come in 6 fun colors! Our San Francisco based company brings you Original Night Ice light up earrings that project positivity and come in 6 vivid colors. Blue, red, green, purple, yellow, and classic white. Collect the whole set and light up every party! This offering is all 6 Original Night Ice LED earring colors, 1 pair of each original color.

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    New Multi-Color Flashing Night Ice LED Earrings! The ultimate party accessory for the funnest types of events. The new Multi-Color Flasher style projects positivity and flashes in a sequence of fun vivid colors! Let the good times roll with all new Night Ice Multi-Color Flashers! Promo code 2013 yields a cool 10% off at checkout. Get yours and start getting used to all the attention.

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    Flashing LED earrings are the newest spin to our original style! New Night Ice flashers project positivity. Use promo code 2013 for 10% off! Get your shine on with flashing crystal LED earrings. Don't leave your friends out; flashing Night Ice light up earrings make perfect gifts.

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    All new flashing red Night Ice ® LED earrings for men and women. Project positivity with new flashing Night Ice light up earrings! Get your shine on. Use promo code 2013 for 10% off. It's pretty much on once you get them. Everybody loves the new Night Ice flashers Gets used to lots of attention and compliments. Night Ice are perfect ice breakers. The red light flashes on and off in a cool even sequence.

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    Purple is the most popular new Flashing Night Ice light up earring color. The gals own this color. It's a very pretty vivid purple-pink color. New Night Ice Flashers flash on and off, signaling that you're on vacation, and that you've generally got things under control.

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    New Flashing green Night Ice LED earrings! Light up the entire rave or concert with the new Night Ice ® Flashers! Perfect outfit or costume enhancers. Takes everything up a level.

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    Project positivity and light up any party with new Night Ice Flashers! Use promo code 2013 for 10% off. It's pretty much on once you get your Night Ice Flashing LED earrings. They give you an advantage at parties and at dance competitions. LED earrings take costumes up a level. Everybody loves them. Spread the positivity and good vibes.

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    Blue is the ultimate Night Ice ® light up earring color! This vivid blue looks like the water in the Caribbean. Blue Night Ice LED earrings look especially nice on women. It's a pretty sapphire blue that matches well with lots of outfits.

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    Yellow Night Ice ® light up earrings are classic and original! New Night Ice LED earrings shine with positivity, so you can light up every room. Use promo code 2013 for 10% off at checkout! Night Ice are crystal LED earrings that light up with battery power. Buy all 6 colors and 3 styles and have perfect gifts for friends and perfect accessories for every event!

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    Original Red Night Ice LED crystal earrings make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day, Independence Day or Christmas. 4th July sales have been off the charts! Get red, white and blue and let the good times roll!

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    If you are going to a party and you want to look fab then you need at least a pair of our Purple LED earrings. If you wear these, compliments are guaranteed. What’s more? You can turn the lights on or off depending on the time and place. Just tighten or loosen the batteries to do that. These LED earrings have a brilliant crystal stone and under that is a very vivid purple LED light. So you want to impress a certain someone? Start a conversation? Or just break the ice? Wear these original Night Ice static LED light earrings for fun, even when you’re going casual. It makes you stand out among all the other girls. Wear these and we guarantee that you will be the center of attraction wherever you go. Wear Night ice static LED light earrings as crystal earrings all day and light them up anytime during the night. To do that, simple add the battery backs. Get yours today and get lit up! Original Night Ice light up earrings come in six unique colors. Check out our new flashers and multi-color flashers! LED earrings make perfect gifts.

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    Original Green Night Ice light up earrings are perfect for dance parties, concerts, and Holidays! Check out Emilio Dosal's amazing So You Think You Can Dance audition sporting Night Ice!

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    White Night Ice glow earrings are tremendously versatile, and perfect for striking up conversations! Classic white glow earrings match every outfit. White is the most popular and versatile Night Ice glow in the dark earring color.

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    Zircons and swarovski crystals set consists of a necklace, pair of earrings, jhoomer and teeka. Comes with a complimentary ring. 925 Sterling Silver 24kt Gold Plated Swarovski crystals Coloured zircons 100% hand made

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    TF 4TF 174 "trophy dress" 3 floors dress

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    stone&honey aqua aura crystal [crystal ring] - one sweet aqua aura quartz point set atop a sterling silver band with two sturdy tube rivets. a little magic to wear on your hand. crystal measures about 1.25 by .5 inches. all crystals used are natural and unique, and will vary slightly in size and shape from one pictured.

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    This necklace was created using a vintage brass chain with a length around of 16 inches. The blue teardrop vintage prism dangles delicately

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    Ring in gunmetal finish with sliding square crystal. By Han Cholo

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    This gorgeous and elegant ring is made with Swarovski crystal, a cream pearl and silver plated pieces.

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    Unique Handcrafted Lovely Funky Peacock Green Color Faceted Glass Crystal Chain with Lime Green Twin/Lover Ancient Elephants. ( the elephants are carrying the same necklaces as you!) This necklace can carry multiple ways of wearing and is an easy way to add colors to the day. Total length of chain : 49cm(19 inch). All come delightfully packaged.

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    Chain Crystal Wrap Bracelet Our favorite wrap and wrap bracelets made new for fall. This one is a gold link chain studded with crystals and wrapped with olive twine.

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    Atop a twisted adjustable band are a bouquet of blossoming flowers and a yellow glass stud.