Japan Kitsch

Cupcake and lollipop necklace. Perfect for a Katy Perry outfit. Buy it here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Lavish-Accessories
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    Snack time, already? Enjoy snacking all day, without the calories, with this clock by Cram Cream. Decorated in yummy sweets of all varieties, and imported from Japan. Perfect for adding a cute touch to any room! Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off.

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    This eraser set features high quality non-PVC erasers in the shape of Japanese snack foods. Even better, the lids come off of the instant soup containers to reveal smaller erasers in the shape of dried soup. Something this weird and wonderful could only come from Japan.

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    27" x 40" posters

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    Fidobags are the most loyal of all luggage. Great for travel, overnight stays or just to take down the gym, The bags are fully lined, have an adjustable shoulder strap, and most ingeniously feature a separatable, decapitatable head so you can always get to your phone, keys, passport etc. The bag was originally designed for the Sputnik Spacelines exhibition in Tokyo.

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    These little Nyokoro lamps are pretty cool.. not only does it do a rainbow light show of colors but it also serves as a magnet and a 3-minute timer. If you line them up together in a dark room it can get quite trippy.

  • 123 months ago wishingfish »

    It's always nice to have some plant life around the house or to freshen up your drab cubicle, but let's face it -- many a modern urbanite (or suburbanite, for that matter) lacks a green thumb. Enter the Atomic Bonsai Kit! A hip, clever, and evergreen alternative to wilting foliage, you simply interlock the cardboard bonsai leaves and branches together -- no scissors or glue (or watering or sunshine!) required. Like its real-life counterpart, the Atomic Bonsai can be pruned into new and unique forms; simply move a few "leaves" from one branch to another, and voilá -- a brand new configuration! Designed by Joji Okazaki.