Interlocking Table

Take a modern approach to interior design with the unique Selene tables. A minimalist combination of circular and square shapes, one table fits neatly beneath the next for an attractive, staggered effect. You can even create a full, circular coffee table by placing two sets together. Beautiful and sophisticated
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    design: contraforma modular furniture for a modern lifestyle! the soft lines of the ovo table system meld beautifully with the contemporary interior. laminated tabletop: 75 cm [29.5"] diam. available in white or grey. choose from 50 cm [19.7"] or 75 cm [29.5"] height. $330.00 - 340.00

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    Designer : Jaime Salm. Interlocking cork trivets come together to form fashion for your table. Each set consists of six tan modules and six chocolate modules. Inspired by hounds tooth patterns in textile design, the trivets can be arranged into stunning table runners, table protective arrangements, place mats or even mouse pads. Cover surfaces small and large with additional sets. Inspired by patterns in clothing design, Modular Table Fashion employs pattern as a means to decorate and protect surfaces, while encouraging creative table presentation.

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    One flat piece of metal, an L-form, with the ends of both legs welded in such a way that they join together again to form a cube, or table. An infinite number of the puzzles can be linked into numerous constellations. Four units shown.

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    Low table. Modular sections connect together by means of interlocking slots. The shaped slotted pieces create a matrix of rising and falling contour lines, which form a stable base for the glass top. A simple puzzle. Materials: Birch plywood.

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    eero koivisto. Claesson, Koivisto & Rune concocted this playful stool-cum-side table for Offect. Designed to be used as a singular stand or with multiple units interlocked in any number of patterns, the Flower can be employed to enhance indoor or outdoor settings, or even in the shower. The cold-foam filling is coated with a rubber surface that can withstand piercing from high heels or be dragged across concrete floor without scuffing.