Ideeli Glam Fun Purple

In a time when brights, metallics and jewels abound, the quiet elegance of a simple leather handbag is decidedly fresh. Perhaps no design house understands this better than Gerard Darel. Founded in Paris in 1971 and family-led ever since, its collections typify understated French glamour. Finished with subtle details and cut for comfort, Darel's handbags fuse form plus function, resulting in pieces that complement, rather than dominate, your look. Backed by a cult following throughout Europe and long-term muse, actress Charlotte Gainsborough, Darel is set to expand and recently tapped Mamie Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep, as the future face of the company. Don't get too complacent, however; just because an American is headlining the brand doesn't mean the bags will be readily available for purchase. Expansion in the U.S. appears quite limited, which means that while the styles might be effortless, getting your hands on one might not.