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Open that perfectly chilled bottle of wine with a fine feathered friend from the tropics, Mendini's Parrot corkscrew.
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    If you are a dog person you will probably think the Tigrito cat bowl is a wonderful product. If you are a cat person you will probably think that the Tigrito cat bowl is a household necessity. Undeniably charming as well as practical the Tigrito cat bowl features removable stainless steel dishes and a perfectly placed handle to help lessen the strain on your back when your favorite feline friend is in need of food or water.

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    Most cringe and run at the sight of a black crow circling above. With this crow, in form of a bottle opener, you will want to seek it out to open a much needed beverage at the end of a long day. Made of cast iron with a lacquer finish to prevent rusting. Material: Cast Iron Dimension: Short 4" x 1.5" Tall 2.5"x 3.5" Designed by: Tadahiro Baba Produced by: Japan

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    Popular, ergonomic Edward Salad Hands make a great addition to any kitchen. These Edward Salad Hands are made of our exclusive Notreeinum" (pressed bamboo fiber), come in light color and make perfect salad servers.

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    The Newton is a clever and innovative way of serving sugar and milk for coffee or tea. The mechanism in the Newton-set is based on gravity. You can pour milk or cream without removing the sugar bowl on top of the creamer&the clever mechanism keeps the bowl still while you tip the pitcher.

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    This is the kind of kit you see next to juicers in continental cafes. There's a reason why it's so good - you always use the oldest piece of fruit first, which means fewer rotten apples. Handpicked because: Anything that minimises waste and maximises eating five a day has to be a good thing.  Boring bits: Stainless steel. Size: 34 cm wide x 40 cm high x 13 cm deep  

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    Endo presents an elegant alternative to conventional means of magnetic attachment. No springs. No coils. No internal moving parts. Endo is the one-piece all-purpose silicone magnet with springy clipping action. Each magnet holds up to 1lb and is gentle on photos and surfaces. Magnets are sold in packs of 3 (all same color).

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    Design Marta Sansoni, 2002. Stainless steel. Made by Alessi. The Cactus collection is a simple yet decorative design for the home. Includes a series of cactus-patterned objects in 18/10 stainless steel. Offered here is the fruit holder which can be used as a storage item or a beautiful display piece. Available in your choice of two sizes. Italian born, architect and designer, Marta Sansoni creates designs for private homes, commercial spaces, outlets and interior fittings through her studio in Florence. Several of her works have been mentioned by "The international design yearbook 1999" and by "Designing the 21st century". med.; 8.3" dia | 3.7" h large; 11.4" dia | 4.25" h

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    BOLLITORE COCCINELLA lt. 2,80 ARMONICO. Capiente bollitore dalla simpatica forma di coccinella. Dotato di fischio armonico. € 37,00

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    The red Kycoera ceramic adjustable mandoline slicer was awarded "best buy" in a comparison of kitchen slicers in Cook's Illustrated magazine (May/June 2008 issue). The Kyocera ceramic adjustable mandoline slicer is a nice compact way to slice vegetables. The ceramic blade will stay sharp many times longer than a metal blade, plus the ceramic blade doesn't interact with foods the way metal can (browning) and won't rust. The red Kyocera ceramic adjustable slicer cuts quickly and efficiently due to its sharp blade, it's easily adjustable and it fits easily in a drawer. Just turn the dial to adjust the thickness: .5mm, 1.3mm, 2mm and 3mm. Includes a hand guard.

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    Ultimately, Heat-Beans is a coffee-grinder, set to operate according to the user’s heart-beats. It is a personal product from quality mahogany, in which a motor is built, controlled by an apparatus to measures the pace of the beating heart (HBM, Heart Beat Monitor); also included are peripheral electronics that bind it all together and allow it to work. This machine gives a physical expression to the emotional state of the user and by its design - induce an experience of intimacy with the process of making coffee. Holding the grinder is similar in pose and essence to holding a baby or a musical instrument, very affectionately. This is to simulate the relationship we have with other things we so care about, so to eventually bring about the same closeness here. And yet, as the grinder adhere the heart-beats, it produces a different taste with each use.

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    Like no kitchen tool you've ever seen before, this reamer is indispensable when it comes to extracting all the pulp, juice and flavor from hard-skinned fruit. The heavy-duty head features zinc construction with a stunning satin pearl finish for strength and effortless operation. The innovative handle uses patent-pending O2 technology, creating the most unique, secure and comfortable grip on the market with strategically placed pockets of pressurized air. Limited lifetime warranty.

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    The 'Parrot' corkscrew, designed by Allesandro Mendini for Alessi, is a practical, pocket-sized tool that packs quite a visual punch. Sommeliers-to-be- will delight in whisking the 'Parrot' out of a pocket to surprise their guests. Available in Green, Blue and Black.

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    The Mighty OJ is the original 50's citrus juicer featuring a classic retro design. The world's largest selling mechanical juicer, the Mighty OJ citrus squeezer features all metal construction with powerful rack-and-pinion gear system, which leverages up to 600 pounds of pressure.

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    Designed by Alejandro Ruiz, Parmenide by Alessi is a cheese grater and cellar, part of the collection named "Memory Containers". Alessi wanted to underline "how an object becomes a cultural subject" passing it from one culture to another. The Parmesan cheese is of course an Italian habit, but why not extend it to your table and use it on a beautiful and hot dish of pasta? Made in Italy.

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    Segment your deep drawers for the ultimate in neatness and organization. Our Deep Drawer Peg Boards are ideal for securing lids and pots that might otherwise knock around and become damaged or misplaced. See everything with just a quick glance.

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    Formerly part of a tyre, this Rubber Soap Dish is designed to mimic the Middle Eastern leather originals from ages ago. The stitching is all done by hand. Recyclable and virtually indestructable, this soap dish will last many years.

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    A pair of wine glasses, which allows the liquid to flow freely through a tube joining them. Includes framed illustrative photograph. Dimensions: Height: 24cm, Length: 75cm Photo: Carlo Draisci (www.carlodraisci.com) Like most of Jim's work, the ‘Blindspot’ range holds elements of humour. Through extensive research into inter-personal relationships and social culture, he analyses the potential of using products as tools to understand relationships better and also believes that understanding relationships is an intense process which can be effectively conducted if the method involves an approach which is fun based. ‘Blindspot’ is a crossover between interaction and commentary design. It invites the user to identify the potential for greater communication with the partner, often by alternative methods to talking. ‘Blindspot’ are one off products, created to experiment, ask questions and raise awareness.

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    Toilet Paper Holder, and yet somehow perfect as a white elephant gift.

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    PoachPod is a flexible cooking tool for poaching eggs, baking and molding - floats in water during cooking. 3.5" x 2.25" Set contains two Pods

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    patterns: all are original, 100+ years old. Embossing is done by hand in 24K gold. colors: The colors are mixed by hand and then painted by hand onto the leather. There is considerable variation between pieces of the same color - some of the blacks look like a beautiful navy or deep purple. Brush/wash strokes are visible. Colors change a bit over time. shapes: All of the shapes are also original to the beginning (the only thing that has changed over time are the colors). The production has run in the same family for 4 generations - these are made by the last family in Venice still to be doing this type of work. They have not previously sold their work outside of Venice. limited production.

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    This cute Frog Scrubby Holder will add fun to your modern kitchen and hold your scrubby in style. Made of hand painted earthenware in bright green and measuring 5" long x 4" wide x 4" high, Frog Scrubby Holder includes one green scrubby. A healthy way to store scrubby to allow it to drain and dry out after use, everyone will love this frog gift!

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    NEW You don't have to be a martini enthusiast to enjoy the fun and functionality of our ceramic olive caddy--but it helps! Great for snacks too. Handmade in Spain. 4 1/4 x 4" h.

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    Roasted Garlic Express® Electric Garlic Roaster #TA001 Prepare roasted garlic at home in just 27 minutes — four times faster than in a conventional oven! $34.95