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If you are a dog person you will probably think the Tigrito cat bowl is a wonderful product. If you are a cat person you will probably think that the Tigrito cat bowl is a household necessity. Undeniably charming as well as practical the Tigrito cat bowl features removable stainless steel dishes and a perfectly placed handle to help lessen the strain on your back when your favorite feline friend is in need of food or water.
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    An object from the ColorShift series. @-shaped handle is easy to handle, no pun intended.

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    Banana splits have so much more style when served in these colorful dishes. Emblazoned with Andy Warhol's iconic Banana print, these dishes - with their matching spoon-straws - are the perfect shape to hold a tasty treat. Served in these stylish melamine bowls, dessert won't even last as long as long as Warhol's "15 minutes fame." Each set contains two dishes and two spoon-straws.

  • The figures draped around this series of glasses from Esther Derkx appear to be floating in midair thanks to the artist’s innovative screen-printing techniques. Divers, dancers, and other retro-styled athletes sweep across champagne flutes, wine glasses, and other new stemware from Royal Leerdam. Each piece has been carefully printed to seamlessly curve around the form of the glass, and each athlete and vessel have been matched for their compatible personalities. Not dishwasher safe.

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    Endo presents an elegant alternative to conventional means of magnetic attachment. No springs. No coils. No internal moving parts. Endo is the one-piece all-purpose silicone magnet with springy clipping action. Each magnet holds up to 1lb and is gentle on photos and surfaces. Magnets are sold in packs of 3 (all same color).

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    Saturated color images are molded into 10 inch heavy-duty Melamine plates manufactured by the same company that makes them for the US military. Produced in limited quantities as sets of four. Pop Ink dinnerware proves that you can have your art and eat off it, too.

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    Design Marta Sansoni, 2002. Stainless steel. Made by Alessi. The Cactus collection is a simple yet decorative design for the home. Includes a series of cactus-patterned objects in 18/10 stainless steel. Offered here is the fruit holder which can be used as a storage item or a beautiful display piece. Available in your choice of two sizes. Italian born, architect and designer, Marta Sansoni creates designs for private homes, commercial spaces, outlets and interior fittings through her studio in Florence. Several of her works have been mentioned by "The international design yearbook 1999" and by "Designing the 21st century". med.; 8.3" dia | 3.7" h large; 11.4" dia | 4.25" h

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    BOLLITORE COCCINELLA lt. 2,80 ARMONICO. Capiente bollitore dalla simpatica forma di coccinella. Dotato di fischio armonico. € 37,00

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    Disposable lace doilies are a thing of the past. Now you can get the same antique-y feel with this set of four easy to clean, reusable plastic place mats. Choose white or teal to make a statement on any color table! Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!

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    squeeze a bit of citrus and color into your kitchen or dining area with the orange worktop saver. entertain your guests by serving an assortment of meat and cheese or a vegetable medley, or simply use it as a centerpiece for a barbeque or dinner party. either way, guests will delighted with a splash of orange.

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    Nothing freshens up a kitchen like cute platters and linens. And these from Sally Russell, French Bull, Rosanna and Potluck Studios are contemporary and fun! Flirt Ruffle Compote $16.00 - $28.00

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    your cookies are so delicious that all you're ever left with are crumbs, so we devised this devious ploy. Just bake them with bite marks built-in and watch your friends leave them behind on the tray. It's the famous ABC (Already Been Chewed) COOKIE CUTTERS! Two styles - nibbled Variety Pack & maimed Gingerbread Men. The Variety Pack includes 4 assorted every-day designs - Heart, Star, Flower, and Disk (or is it a hockey puck?), each missing one prominent, off-putting, innocent little bite. And those poor poor Gingerbread Men! Well, their loss is your gain. ABC COOKIE CUTTERS are made to the highest culinary standards from luxurious cast aluminum so there are no seams or sharp edges and they're easy to clean. Packed in nifty clear display boxes.

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    This cute Frog Scrubby Holder will add fun to your modern kitchen and hold your scrubby in style. Made of hand painted earthenware in bright green and measuring 5" long x 4" wide x 4" high, Frog Scrubby Holder includes one green scrubby. A healthy way to store scrubby to allow it to drain and dry out after use, everyone will love this frog gift!

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    As seen in New York Magazine. Bring the fun back into your home or office with our clever Animal Rubber Bands! Made from brightly-colored silicone, they look and behave like normal (albeit colorful) rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever they are holding, they instantly spring back into their original animal shapes!

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    Why should kids have all the fun? I want to eat my cereal out of these too!!!

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    This is a definitely one of a kind salt / pepper shaker. Wind up the adorable birdie it will roll to you! Each measures 3.5'' tall, packed in clearly plastic box.

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    "Did you love to assemble model planes as a kid? Or maybe your brother got to have all the fun? Either way, we think you’ll love Snap-A-Party, the snap-apart plastic party pack. Includes everything you need at a party - knife, fork, spoon, plate, chopsticks, toothpick, even a napkin ring - all ready to snap- apart and put to use"

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    Take the shortcut to eating your favorite Asian delights with these unique, translucent modern chopsticks. Spring loaded, and easy to use, perfect for kids and beginners. A blast at parties. A fun gift idea.

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    This stool offers our most popular “classic” base design. Available in 18”, 24” and 30” heights with chrome finish standard.

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    It is ok to play with food, at least according to Ditte Kuijpers. This former student of the Dutch Design Academy designed this saucer made from biscuit paste. I think this is a brilliant idea: you can use the saucer and eat it too. Visit Ditte’s website for more information and to see all of her work.

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    Get "Fantastic In Plastic," as the packaging says for these official Andy Warhol plates, in lips shape with a lip-shaped box. You get four colors of contoured lip plates based on Warhol's original prints. The box is a dashing addition to any room, and the plates are perfect for hors d'oeuvres. * Plastic * 4"h, 3 1/2"dia * Hand wash * Imported

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    Party Time! Cake stand, Ice Cream Bowls, Tumblers and Dessert Plates Its time to break out the festivities! Make your party celebration even more fun with this confetti and gift box themed porcelain collection. The cake stand is hand wash only but the bowls and plates are both safe in the dishwasher and microwave. Tumblers are dishwasher safe.

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    squirrel dustpan....clever

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    fashionable cleaning