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Upholstered Chairs Designed by Philippe Starck 2004 Mademoiselle Missoni Chair - by Philippe Starck for Kartell The Mademoiselle armchair upholstered in stylish Missoni fabric. An innovative design for an armchair with the clever and absolutely new technique or fusing two different plastic materials and finishes apparently "foreign" to each other: the structure in transparent polycarbonate offers solid support and a soft and comfortable polyurethane seat, without foregoing the glamour of transparency and colour! Mademoiselle Missoni Armchairs are priced at £373 each. Chose a seat cover in one of the fabrics from the Missoni Home collection : Vevey Red, with multicoloured kaleidoscopic flowers in red tones, Vevey Brown, with multicoloured kaleidoscopic flowers in burnt brown beige tones, and Cartagena with graffiti style black and white flowers