Home Furniture Modern Design

Selected by Wallpaper magazine as Best Shelving System of the Year 2006, the idea of Pattern was to create a non-horizontal shelf - one which enabled the thin books or magazines to stay in an upright position. When searching for a geometrical figure to repeat, designer Alfredo Haberli found that when an irregular pentagon was added to each other, a pattern is created, allowing the space to be used for different sized books. The irregular shapes create visual interest as well as being practical. The Pattern is available backless so can also be used as a room divider. Made from 6mm aluminium composite panels. Both silver and satin white versions are edged in black. Other sizes available on request. Regular sizes are delivered fully mounted. Brand: Quodes. Sizes: 130cm H x 130cm W x 36cm D; 195cm H x 130cm W x 36cm D; 195cm H x 195cm W x 36cm D; 195cm H x 65cm W x 36cm D.