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  • 92 months ago Zaishu »

    Inspired by Japanese design a Zaishu is a slot together, flat pack seat / table featuring unique artwork and prints. Launched with stenciled street artwork at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in 2004 Zaishu has grown to become an international art project.

  • 97 months ago Yessy »

    I'm a rag rug artist, living and working on beautiful Waiheke Island in New Zealand (my studio, Hooked on Waiheke, is open every weekend from 12-4pm). I've been making rugs from recycled clothing and materials for many years and selling through galleries locally and in Auckland. I love making "something beautiful out of nothing" - cutting out the unusable parts of clothing and using the good bits for hooking into rugs or art for the wall. Commissions accepted and enjoyed.

  • 102 months ago Ecocentric »

    Alpaca cushion, Cosmic bowls, Sail backpack, Card wallet, Little Errol, Shirt and tie cushions, Tord Boontje cut vase, Tord Boontje glasses & jug, Camera bag, Leather satchel, Leather weekender bag, Knitted vases, Delight shade, Cue n' 8 salt and pepper s

  • 102 months ago dannyseo.typepad.com »

    more from Danny Seo...designer-- happy shopping from deb and wendy at www.circlebackstudio.com/blog

  • 106 months ago 2modern »

    Limited Edition Series of 125, each piece is individually printed on 20ml artist's cotton canvas or 310gsm watercolor paper, using pigment based inks of the highest quality, the archival rating for these giclee prints exceeds 150 years under gallery conditions. They are part of a limited edition of 125 and are proofed, signed and numbered by Campbell. Each piece is hand-brushed with three coats of specially formulated environmentally friendly UV varnish. A certificate of authenticity is included identifying the piece with the name, the edition number and date of publication. Campbell Laird is the one of the pioneers of water based pigment ink printing. No solvents of any kind are used from the ink to the final varnish finish. This process is completely eco friendly.

  • 108 months ago Mioculture »

    Designer: Jaime Salm. Transform a room in minutes with V2 3D Wallpaper. Add color and texture to a single wall or an entire room. Create your own pattern variation by rotating the tiles or painting them in your favorite color. The lightweight recycled modules can be installed temporarily with double stick tape or permanently with wallpaper paste. Modular 3D Wallpaper is a new concept in surface coverings that gives individuals the ability to customize and re-define space on a budget.

  • 109 months ago Illu-stration »

    Flexi Bowl - moldable felt

  • 110 months ago Eco-furniture »

    The Haddon Mantra Mirror mingles organic charm with contemporary style. Hand-selected dark walnut veneers coat the high quality woodwork that outlines the wavy piece of reflective glass. With its unique design, this mirror will effectively create depth and dimension in your perfect bedroom!

  • Designed by Emiliano Godoy

  • 113 months ago Mioculture »

    Designer : Jaime Salm, Hannah Berkin-Harper. Create rugs, runners or cover entire floors with the texture and warmth of cork ModuTiles. Each set of six tan, and six chocolate cork shaped tiles covers 12 square feet and comes with peel and stick adhesive tabs for temporary installation. Rotate tiles to configure fun and flexible patterns and cover old, chipped or stained ceramic, linoleum, concrete or wood for a fresh look. Replace modules as needed or install them permanently with standard cork flooring adhesives and finishes. Coat them with waxes, oils or stains for color and greater durability.

  • 113 months ago Pug-store »

    This lamp is ready to make a bold statement in your interior and adds life to any room with its sleek, simple form. The lamp comes with 6 interchangeable filters that allow you to choose the colour of your light to match either your style or mood. The shade is made from a single sheet of plastic and that's the genius because that makes recycling so easy, but we bet you will not get rid of this one! PUG up – improve your environments! The lamp comes flat packed in a tube supplied with a long life recyclable bulb. MATERIAL: Polypropylene SIZE:20x31x70cm Photo: Magnus Bjerk

  • 115 months ago Ecocentric »

    As featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, Grand Designs Magazine and 4Homes Magazine This stunning recycled glassware is designed by acclaimed Dutch designers Tord Boontje and Emma Woofenden. Created from recycled bottles, the glasses and jug are made in Guatemala by a local artisan group who have developed skills in cutting and polishing glassware to create beautiful works of art. The Guatemalan scheme is part of a Design with Conscience campaign that aims to use design to foster humanitarian and environmental causes around the world.

  • 116 months ago Ecocentric »

    Tord Boontje cut vase As seen in Elle Deco Magazine and 4Homes Magazine This beautiful cut vase (photographed here with the taller double vase) is part of our collection of stunning glassware designed by acclaimed Dutch designers Tord Boontje and Emma Woofenden. Created from recycled bottles the vases are made in Guatemala by a local artisan group who have developed skills in cutting and polishing glassware to create beautiful works of art. The Guatemalan scheme is part of a Design with Conscience campaign that aims to use design to foster humanitarian and environmental causes around the world.

  • 116 months ago Branch »

    K Studio is a mother-daughter company committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. Each piece is handmade in their workshop in Grand Rapids, MI. Handmade by K Studio, Grand Rapids, MI Shell of 100% organic cotton; filling of natural feathers (90%) and down (10%).

  • 116 months ago Nonplusultra »

    Een unieke rubberen vaas van Menu. Een buitengewone combinatie van elegantie, funk en het functionaliteit. De vaas zal met of zonder bloemen erin zeker opvallen bij iedereen die uw huiskamer binnen wandelt. Designer: Henriette Melchiorsen

  • 116 months ago Royalshopping »

    The rubber vase is both fun and unusual: in the right setting it is amazingly stylish - with its black, red and brown colours, close up the material can give the impression of fragile ceramics. But the dazzling lime and pink colours leave no doubt that this is a funky product made from a unique material - cutting-edge design for those seeking something completely different and modern, or just an extremely practical vase to have where there are small children around.

  • 117 months ago Ecobydesign »

    Earth Friendly non-toxic carpet, cork flooring, rugs, and wall treatments

  • 118 months ago Eco-artware »

    Tea Light Holders These handsome tea light holders are made from repurposed bicycle freewheels and cassette cogs. Whether you're a cyclist or not, you'll find them a stunning addition to your tabletop centerpiece ensemble, or even on your desk as an alternative paperweight. They hold standard tea light candles (not included). Artist Bio In 1991, cyclist Graham Bergh got a flat tire and used the flat inner tube to hang his stereo speakers. Intrigued with the notion of reviving discarded bicycle parts, he founded a company based on just that: creating functional products from recycled bike parts and other "rescued" materials.

  • 118 months ago Greenwithglamour »

    deana bracken for gwg $175.00 Add a touch of luxe and whimsy to any space with these eco-chic pillows with Mod Green Pod hand-screened organic cotton fronts and contrasting-color organic silk backs. Even the insert is sustainable – 100% organic cotton & kapok. Live well!

  • 118 months ago Arthurlauer »

    Our classic wooden ducks are made of bamboo root and recycled teak, no two ducks are exactly alike. Each duck comes with his own nametag so you can tell them apart. Perch them on your deck or along a garden path to greet your guests. These charming classics are always in season.

  • 119 months ago 100x100natural.com »

    My picks: Wérregue dish: Dish made of wood and werregue fibre with colourful decoration. Iraca earrings and ring set: Semicircular earrings Woven from “Iraca” fibre in differing colours and patterns. Iraca Necklace: Hand woven necklace, in the fibre of the “Iraca” palm. Bamboo Basket: Hand made in laminated and woven bamboo. Fish saucer: Hand painted wood and carved with different fish themes. Wérregue: Hand woven baskets from the fibers of the wérregue plant, by the people of the Pacific coast of Colombia (Chocó). Due to the characteristics of the material and the weave techniques, these baskets may be used to transport water.

  • 119 months ago Boundlessgallery »

    Fern Accented Paper Bowl: This decorative handmade paper bowl is of traditional and locally gathered fibers including flax, hemp, kozo, corn and gingko leaves. It is accented with a line of lacy, open paper overlaid with a single fern leaf, reflecting the Missouri landscape. The bowl has a coating of acrylic gel medium for surface protection and will retain its color best if you keep it out of direct sunlight. The artist has created it for decorative use. Bowl measures 15 inches in diameter.

  • 121 months ago natureshardware.com »

    Nature's Hardware - Cabinet Knobs. Skipping Stones Studio is located in the heart of the Panhandle of Idaho. They believe they have found paradise. The people of Skipping Stones Studio feel every process of manufacturing is a delight. First is the hunt and the careful selection of each unique stone. They acquire permits and are very conscious of maintaining the integrity of Mother Earth. While hiking and canoeing, they search for the perfect conditions where water and shore meet to naturally tumble the stones into the shapes and sizes desired. 100% of the stones used in this collection are gathered. Next the creative process begins by the transforming stones into functional art, that's the fun part and it doesn't stop there. Finally, these beautiful stones find their way into your home, onto cabinets or drawers or tabletops, and continue in their own timeless way to inspire you!

  • 121 months ago Rompbklyn »

    adorned with precious butterfly cut-outs this white wool felt shade by mixko casts gorgeous shadows and throws a soft, sublime light. includes 15’ cord which plugs into wall and hanging pendant for hard wired use. *please use with compact flourescent bulbs only! 15W CFL. dimensions: 10 1/2" high x 9" in diameter.

  • 121 months ago VivaTerra »

    Inventive natural sculptor Margaret Dorfman brilliantly transforms edibles into luminescent vessels. Building her bowls slice by slice from fresh produce, Dorfman presses each one into durable parchment, which she hand-shapes to resemble large, bright undulating flowers with vivid repeating patterns. Invisibly coated to maintain their vibrant translucent colors, the bowls comfortably hold a votive candle in a cup. Not food safe.

  • 121 months ago kwytzakraft.com »

    The idea is simple: collect post-use, single-use chopsticks from restaurants in China, thoroughly clean them, sanitize them at extremely high temperature and pressure, and use them to make high-quality accents for the consumer’s living space. The idea is Kwytza (pronounced k-why-tsa) Kraft. Kwytza Kraft was the original idea of founder Bryan Parks, an American who lived in China for several years. It’s not surprising that Bryan made a steady habit of eating with chopsticks while there. One day during lunch—which was of course being eaten with single-use chopsticks, Bryan rather nonchalantly asked his lunch partner how many chopsticks did he imagine were used per year considering China’s population size. This simple question would prove to be the catalyst for an innovative coupling of art and conservationism.