Incredibly stable, sturdy and stylish, this revolutionary children's chair lifts little ones up to table-level so they can be included in more family activities. The ergonomically-correct design also makes it an excellent chair for kids to use while working at the computer or playing video games. The fully adjustable seat and footrest allow the Tripp Trapp to grow with your child from tot to teen and all points between. In fact, the seat and footrest hold up to 300 pounds, so even adults can sit in it! But one of the best things about this chair is that kids actually enjoy sitting in it! Unlike highchairs, which restrict kids' movement, and uncomfortable "big person" chairs that give them no "floor" for their feet to rest on, the Tripp Trapp offers more freedom, a larger variation of movement, better circulation and a secure footrest.
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    Cooshie Booster A perfect booster seat for when your child outgrows a conventional booster, but is not big enough for a full-size chair. With its non-tip base, it’s superior to the conventional, slippery type that needs to be tied down. It’s also cozier to sit on because of the light density foam surface. Cushion is washable and portable. 6.5’H x 15”W x 14”D. Invented by a mom! 61/2"H x 15"W x 14"D. Blue or Black.