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Stick-it - SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE WAS £25 Our Price: £9.95 by Duffy London Dimensions: h 24 x dia 30cms Stick-it is a self assembly lamp shade, once assembled stick your own design onto the sticky outside layer, use printouts, wallpaper, fabrics, photographs etc... Open popup image for instructions and some great examples. Maximum bulb wattage: 11 Watt Eco Bulb Works as both a pendant lampshade or a table lampshade.
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    Jeeves (pair price) Our Price: £400.00 by Jake Phipps Dimensions: H13 x W24 x D32cm Materials: Black wool felt exterior. VO fire-rated polycarbonate diffuser. Fire-rated brass electrical fittings and cord with standard ceiling fitting Pendant lights suitable for any aspiring gentleman or conscientious manservant where class and sophistication are the essential components to illumination. Jeeves’s bowler hat is lined with a refined gold interior, whilst Wooster’s top hat has a more distinguished silver lining. Both exude that quintessential British combination of regimented style and eccentricity. 40 watt bayonet cap round soft light bulbs – small. No plug fitting. Designed and made in the UK.