Hfredriksson Pants

Silk dresses and wool tights in unexpected color combinations were the look at the H Fredriksson show last night. The Brooklyn-based indie designer (a Gen Art alum and favorite of the Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic) mixed jewel tones like topaz and teal with rust and soft gray for one of the prettier takes on the current trend of thick knits with billowing shapes that I like to call "Depression-era chic." All of the models wore adorable black and gold round toe pumps and Mary Janes by Marcello Toshi, another Gen Art alum. I sat across from noted transsexual and NY nightlife queen Sophia Lamar, who I think would look lovely in the high-waisted mini. I would say more but... I have a lot of living left to do. -Kristen Amato, Gen Art Fashion Program Manager