Heart Macarons Red Velvet

The sweet tradition of macarons dates back to the Middle Ages, when the now-classic recipe of egg whites, ground almonds and sugar debuted in France. Here, Two Hearts Bakery transforms these French favorites into irresistible Valentine treats, customizing them with an engaging heart shape, vibrant red hue and the rich flavors of Guittard premium cocoa and couverture white chocolate. Crisp on the outside, moist and chewy inside, each pair of chocolaty red-velvet macarons is enhanced by a luscious ganache filling that combines white chocolate with heavy cream and fresh buttermilk for a hint of tangy richness. A memorable gift, these exclusive confections are handcrafted in the traditional Parisian fashion – from preparing the delicate cookies to hand piping the rich, creamy filling. 4 oz. (12 macarons). A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.